They Don't Play, They Party - Bench Warmer's 2nd Annual 4th of July Celebration!

Bench Warmer Trading Cards presented their 2nd Annual Pre 4th of July Gala on Wednesday June, 29th and the crowd partied on till 2am.

Arloa Reston (Another World) and Cris Judd (Celebrity Choreographer)

The Bench Warmer folks got together to celebrate the birth of our country and Hollywood's hottest women at Montmarte Lounge / Day After in Hollywood across from the Hollywood Highland complex. The event was loud and crowded. The smoking patio was the only refuge from the booming speakers inside.

CC Deville (Poison) and Gabrielle Tuite

The celebrities that promised to attend, I am not sure how many actually did, lined up on the red carpet and included: Emile Hirsch (Girl Next Door), Eddie Griffin (Undercover Brother), Ryan Cabrera, Shawn Pyfrom (Desperate Housewives), Yvette Brown (I Want to be a Hilton), Beauty and the Geek cast members: Richard Rubin, Lauren Bergfeld, Erika Rumsey, Brad Hooker, Jose Canseco (Surreal Life) Gregory Smith (Everwood), Warren Moon (NFL Legend), Andrew Keegan (10 Things), Lane and Kyle Carlson (Abercrombie Model), Tony Gonzales (NFL Chiefs), Akin Ayodele (NFL Jaguars), Dwayne Adway (Soul Plane), Dorian Gregory (Charmed), Travis Aaron Wade (War Of The Worlds), Al Santos (The Help), Nick Warnock (Apprentice), Mario Lopez (The Other Side), Brennan Swain (The Amazing Race), Eric Winter (Days of Our Lives), Diego Serrano (Another World) along with more than 100 of LA's hottest female models.

Shawn Pyfrom and Ryan Carnes (Both from Desperate housewives)

Bench Warmer was founded in 1992, in order to produce a unique, fun, sexy trading card line that appeals to men of all ages. Backed by their signature slogan, "Trading Cards Never Looked So Good!" many Bench Warmer "insert" cards have garnered in the upwards of $700 for a rare "kiss" card on Ebay. They provided the first glimpses of beauty icons such as Cindy Margolis, Brooke Burke, Gena Lee Nolin, Nikki Ziering and Traci Bingham.  Their memorabilia can be found at trading card shops, hobby stores, comic bookstores, convenience outlets and novelty shops worldwide as well as on the Bench Warmer website

Victor Williams (Kind of Queens) and Brian Wallos (founder of Bench Warmer) and Alana Curry (Playboy playmate of the year)

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