The world of fantasy became reality at the Seventh Annual Labyrinth of Jareth.

This guy loves his latex

Everyone said you had to see the Labyrinth of Jareth to really understand it.  I didn't really know what that meant at first, but from the minute I walked in, I could tell they were right!

The Labyrinth of Jareth is a classical costume ball based in mythology, fairy tales and goblin lore.  The elaborate sold-out event, named after the movie "Labyrinth," was an amazing, fun, surreal and completely unique evening.



The excited crowd

Over one thousand people attended the ball and everyone, as required, showed up in costume.  But these were no ordinary costumes.  Sure you had the occasional common store-bought one here and there, but for the most part these costumes were elaborate, unusual and beautiful creations that many people took the entire year to make. 

Blue devil and his pretty date

The costumes ranged greatly in style.   There were large mystical animal-like creatures and several charming, colorful, giant-winged fairies.  Others chose to wear gorgeous, intricate Venetian ball gowns and suits.  And still others had costumes made entirely of metal and even some made completely of paint.  It looked less x-rated than you would think.  

Thats me in the pink, Kristina and the bird man



The costumes were often so extravagant that many people did not know who else was at the event.  It might have been a friend, a neighbor or someone you would never expect.  These costumes created a kind of anonymity that makes you feel like you've entered into another world.  It's a big part of what makes a masquerade ball so much fun. 



The evening combined a wide variety of music, dance, and art.  The music was a diverse mix of dance, ambient, exotic rock, tribal and traditional.  I was completely engrossed by the eclectic and magical performances by the unique artists all night long.

One of the great acts was by the hauntingly beautiful dancers of Desert Din. The Group is known as one of the most experimental, cutting-edge dance companies in the Los Angeles area.  These passionate dancers stood out with their seductive and playfull fluid choreography and elaborate costumes.  


Amazing dancers

Another interesting performance was by Knollwit, who took center stage with her potent lyrics and imagery.  She combined music, a spark of humor, and a lot of fairy mystique. In addition, REGAN and High Priestess Productions mixed electronica and vocals to create a truly unique sound.  Another group, the Funky Gloworm, describes themselves as urban faeries within the wings of Los Angeles.   The group created exotic rock with strong addictive beats.

Amazing face painting

They made these costumes themselves

A pixie and her knight

The ball was created by Sypher Art Studios, a small close knit group of artists who work mostly in fantasy comics and lithographs.  Sean Strider, the leader of the group, said "I had always dreamed about an event like this."  Once he realized that no one was going to create it for him, he and his fellow group of artists decided to create it for themselves.

The big LA Splash boss himself - Lawrence Davis and Mike our Tech Editor

Sean, dressed in full regal costume and a walkie-talkie, could be seen running around the event making sure everyone was having a good time.  Although he looked busy and preoccupied for much of the night, there was definitely a prideful glow around him and it wasn't fairy dust.





The Sypher group completely transformed the beautiful Henry Ford Theatre into a colorful Venetian fantasy.  They stressed that the theatre was extremely generous and worked with the group of artists to create the amazing evening.

The amazing trio

People from all over the world came to participate in this unique experience.  One of the great things about this particular event is that they stress that the ball is open to people of all walks of life.  Parents, kids and everyone in the middle had a great time.  Even someone like myself, who does not have a tremendous knowledge of the world of fantasy, could appreciate how much dedication and love people had for this event.   

Thats just paint!



The event was a huge success and an experience I will never forget.  Now the only thing I have left to do, is start working on next year's costume and wait for the next fantastic Labyrinth of Jareth.



The red couple



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