The Sweetest Deal

Everyone's playing Texas Hold'em... And even those who aren't, love a good soire! Card shark or not, no one will be able to keep their poker face straight when they see what a sweet deal will be possible available for their next event...

Dealin at the Playboy Mansion

Kelly Ford, an Indianapolis native currently working in residential real estate, and Anna Sugarman, a graphic designer from Cincinnati, joined forces to bring over 15 years of experience to the table. Business-savvy and creativity unite, as this daring, dynamic duo brings you their professional bevy of beautiful dealers...

Kelly and Anna

SWEET DEAL offers a full-service staff of intelligent, fun, highly trained Texas Hold'em and Blackjack dealers. Their growing client list includes LA Splash Magazine, Bombshell Poker, Forplay, Aline Media, Asylum Entertainment, Lampshade Music, the Playboy Mansion and more...  And the cards just keep on hitting the table!

Just last month, the wrist bands invited guests of LA SPLASH Magazine were given at the Facade party in Los Angeles, included access to the VIP area and Texas Hold 'Em tables with the girls from Sweet Deal. The girls entertained gambling guests,  providing an edge and excitement to the party's ambience.

Dealin at Facade

SWEET DEAL caters to high-profile events such as charity functions, celebrity poker parties, corporate events and launch parties.  They'll deal at your birthday party, bachelor party, or bar mitzvah. You can customize your party by selecting which dealers and what their wardrobe will be, so that you can create the atmosphere that will take your event to the next level. SWEET DEAL is fully stacked to provide you with tables, cards, chips, and all the casino amenities... Cocktail servers too! They will even custom design invitations for your event.

Sweet Deal at the Facade Party!

Sweet Deal can provide a single dealer for a private home game to servicing a 250 player fundraising event providing tables, chairs, and more. 

Facade Party for LA Splash

"Sweet Deal is just what you need to give your party the "winning hand", says Alex Palmer of LA Splash.  The ladies of Sweet Deal would definitely provide an entertainment ambience unlike any other and one that your guests will not soon forget.

For more information, contact:

[email protected] ; or
Kelly Ford at s[email protected]

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