The Lords of Dogtown

Before the Backstreet Boys, there were the Z-boys. Who were they? They were Sultans of the skateboard in mid to late 1970's and the new movie release, 'The Lords of Dogtown' is a tribute to these pioneers of what is now professional skateboarding and extreme sports... Dogtown, the 'Ghetto by the beach' as the Z-Boys called it. It was no Malibu beach.

The Z-Boys (John Robinson, Emile Hirsch, Michael Angarano and Victor Rasuk) in Columbia Pictures' Lords of Dogtown - 2005

It was the rough side of Venice beach in the 1970's and only the strong could survive. This was the place the Z-Boys called home, and this rough territory is what helped this crew perfect their craft and turn boys into men. Starting out surfing the rough waves under a non-public access sector of the Venice Beach pier, the boys under the wing of a local surfboard shop owner, played very convincingly by Heath Ledger, the boys turn their attention towards skateboarding. To sharpen their skills, everything and anything became a practice spot; rails, benches, basketball courts, etc. Soon they discovered the ultimate practice ground; empty swimming pools and no home with an empty pool space was safe.

Heath Ledger in Columbia Pictures' Lords of Dogtown - 2005

The non-stop practicing paid off and soon they were winning local and national competitions and soon became local celebrities and started a counterculture revolution... As their fame and influence grew, the Z-boys were no longer competing for the love of the sport, soon endorsement offers, commercials, and T.V. show appearances, threatened to tear apart this once close crew as the temptations and excess increased. However through personal losses, tragedies and the pressures of their new found fame, the Z-boys are reminded of what is really important and what brought them together in the first place; the love to skateboard.

Victor Rasuk, John Robinson and Emile Hirsch in Columbia Pictures' Lords of Dogtown - 2005

The script that inspired this big movie release was written by one of the original Z-boys, Stacy Peralta and will do for skateboarders what 'Bring it on' did for cheerleading, give outsiders a glimpse into their world and what motivates them to be the best at what they do.

John Robinson, Heath Ledger, Victor Rasuk and Emile Hirsch in Columbia Pictures' Lords of Dogtown - 2005

The Lords of Dogtown opens nationwide June 3, 2005 For more information on the movie go to:  For additional information on the Z-Boys go to:

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