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Juvenile lights up the crowd with heavy beats.

On Monday October the 18th the Key Club on Sunset Boulevard played host to famed gangster rapper Juvenile for a night of hard beats, sumptuous eats, and platinum teeth. L.A. Splash Magazine was on the scene, keen on observing brash young musicians flaunting cash. We weren't disappointed with what we found.

The Key Club is tailored to suit all visitors. It is an ideal venue for any intimate live musical performance and offers accommodations for dancers and loungers alike. The main ground floor dedicates its space to standing room and the stage is rightfully offset at the back end of the room by two full bars. Upstairs on the balcony there is roomy stadium style seating with dining tables serviced by waitresses for those who want to relax for dinner and a show. The second floor is graced by full bar and surrounding lounge area as well. For those escaping the writhing star-struck masses hard up to hug the stage, the basement area offers a comfy repose from the madness. A real time broadcast of the performance will be projected for your convenience on the wall of the basement to be viewed clearly from the lounge booths and basement bar. The three habitats ensure a comfortable fit for all visitors.


The Key Club gives the real stars of Los Angeles nightlife the limelight.

The habitat best suited for my designs upon entering the venue was the one where the food could be found and so I took a stroll upstairs. Fortunately the Key Club has a full gourmet menu offering such delicacies as Pan Roasted Fillet Mignon, Tequila Marinated Salmon, and Lobster Ravioli; all a little rich for my pocket so I ordered the Key Club Burger. The good service was only outdone by the tasty burger served quickly in front of me. It arrived, was cooked exactly to my specification and garnished with a bountiful helping of tasty garlic fries. I would have taken a picture of the lovely ensemble had been able to suppress my stomach's hungry cries. As I enjoyed my meal I took in some atmosphere. The Key club's modern styling sensibility shows up in its brushed aluminum, its polished wood floors, and its clean industrial interior, sensibly accented with dramatic mood lighting and plush seating arrangements. Spot lights mounted upstairs on the ceiling showcase your favorite beverage and television screens embedded in the ground dance under your feet.

All hail Juve the Great.

Headliner Juvenile was foreshadowed earlier Monday night by a consortium of Hip-Hop groups all sporting expensive accessories and electric beats. Each added subtle new shades to the rap spectrum from raw, shotgun, verses to the melodic swooning of expressive R&B. The diversity in style made for a well rounded night of Hip-Hop entertainment. The apex of the nights plot culminated in the much anticipated rap superstar Juvenile hitting the stage, replete with supporting posse, in urban bravado . The Headliner started well after midnight at a time when the crowd had seeped like water into every available crack and corner of the building. Spouting off rhymes from his latest album the southern rapper hit chords in the audience with current single "Move Back" (slow motion) and older club bombshells like "Back That Thang Up." His entire set kept the energy going until closing. The acoustic mix seemed a bit wanting of treble which made the lyrics only partly decipherable for those not already familiar. The lower frequencies however kept the air moving and the beats hammering all night long. Juvenile made full use of the sound capacities of the venue and the effect was far from that of timidity.


The Crowd, though thoroughly riled, was somewhat less juvenile than the gangster rapper they had come to see, who was actually almost inappropriately well behaved for a venue on Sunset Boulevard. There was however a little redemption for the notorious Cash Money crew (Juvenile's record label) when a few minor rumbles broke out later that night in the crowd. Overall the soiree retained the characteristics of a mature and opulent group of party goers who knew how to have fun. Lots of dancing, rapping, and low tension attitudes that kept cool as the club heated up and stayed tight all night long.

Visit the Key Club online and be sure to catch your favorite musicians when they make their way to this upscale hotspot.

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