The Cow Is Now!

The Los Angeles talk radio morning market will be up for grabs once Howard Stern leaves for satellite radio. XTRA sports 570 is betting on Mancow's Morning Madhouse to fill that void, and based on the quality of the show, they appear to have a winner.

Beginning May 23rd you will find the goateed face of Erich 'Mancow' Mueller from 4:30-9 a.m. Mancow is bringing his radio show to Los Angeles and other markets through a syndicated deal with Talk Radio Network-FM. The timing could not have been more perfect for Mueller, as Stern will soon be taking his show to Sirius satellite radio. Mancow has taken the morning radio crown in other markets from Stern, now he is hitting the new markets just in time to convince listeners not to waste their money subscribing to satellite radio.

The question is why would anyone listen to what appears to be a Midwest, morning talk show on the West Coast? History tells us he must be doing something right in Chicago, that nation's third biggest market, as he has dominated it from almost the day he landed in Illinois. Beyond that, the easy answer is to tell you to just listen for yourself and give it a chance. The other more insightful answer is to tell you what might make you want to listen and give it a chance.
Mancow often refers to P.T. Barnum in his interviews as someone he emulates. This will give you a little insight into the mind of Mancow and what he is going to bring to your radio. He will give you the circus atmosphere, pure entertainment and a show. That is what set's Mancow apart from the other morning shows you hear. Mancow actually is looking to do more than talk. The pace of the show is unmatched and always changing. It seems from minute to minute you don't know what you are going to get from Mancow.
Mancow brings you every facet of entertainment, he gets the musicians, the movie stars and the athletes as well as letting you know what is going on in the world. He also manages to make the listener think, whether it is a political issue and telling the listeners to have an opinion and not be a sheeple (sheep/people), a person who just goes along and believes whatever they are told to believe.
Mueller had a great deal of success in San Francisco before moving to Chicago, so he is no stranger to the west coast.

Since the day he took the airwaves in Chicago, it has been a battle between Mancow and Stern for the same radio audience. The battle between the two ends at demographics, as the two shows are at opposite ends of the spectrum, which is why one is going to satellite and one is grabbing more markets.
Stern has stuck with his show based on sex, strippers, porn stars and just a general lack of creativity.
In an interview with Radio Ink magazine Mancow said, 'So what if these guys can say the F-word. Where is the artistry in that??'
There are no restrictions for satellite radio, but to take Mancow's point further, what takes more talent, to have no restrictions and just put out there whatever obscene show they want, or working under the standards of the FCC.
In the end, the listener will be the one to decide. Do you pay to hear a Stern show that you have probably heard over and over through the years, or do you stick with free radio and a fresh, creative personality in Mancow?
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