Sugar Daddy Needs More Sweetness

Sugar Daddy: Fielding Edlow

Labeled as a “biting comedy ..with calories”, Sugar Daddy, written and performed by New Yorker Fielding Edlow opened October 22nd at the Lounge Theatre in Hollywood.

Produced by Ginger Perkins of Lemonade Productions, Sugar Daeddy is touted as the chronicle of Fielding's epic battle with frosty cupcakes, breaking up with Daddy, and learning to stand up to the sound of her own heart beat, the 50 minute skit was directed by Paul Stein and will be there for it’s five week run until November 20th.  

Starting out with her tales of an eating disorder and her visits to her many therapists, Fielding, her sexual fantasies, religious angst, and shopping with her neurotic mother, the story proceeds to her moving to Los Angeles as she attempts to find work in Hollywood as a star.  She goes on about her events in trying to win parts and sleeping with so called directors, but none of it fits with the comedy.  

Sugar Daddy: Fielding Edlow

Befitting the monologue, the minimalist set was designed by Jeff Robinson and the lighting by Francois Pierre Courture.  Sound design was Ron Klier and Stage Manager was Lara Myrene.  

While Fielding’s one woman show, Coke Free, won awards from Back Stage, Sugar Daddy unfortunately is an exception.  Advertised as a play with biting humor came close only because the play sucked.  Her impassioned acting was strewn with swear words and sexual references that did nothing for the story. Every laugh was forced and brought on by shock language rather than humor.  

Sugar Daddy: Fielding Edlow

If this is a rant about her own life, Ms. Edlow definitely needs those psychotherapists!  Sugar Daddy needed a lot more sweetness to it.  The only socially redeeming part about the play was that it was without an intermission.  Given a choice of seeing this play again or having a root canal, I’d have the dentistry.  Written for the shock value, the play definitely needs some sweetness and comedy.  

Tickets are $15 and performances are 8 pm Friday and Saturday nights.  The Lounge Theatre is at 6201 Santa Monica Blvd.   

For more information about Sugar Daddy call 323 960 7762 or go to

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