Sony Entertainment and Columbia Pictures Host The Green Hornet Press Junket

THE GREEN HORNET a high energy, fast action, comedy adventure from Sony Entertainment/Columbia Pictures recently held its press junket at the ultra-luxurious Four Seasons Beverly Hills.

The Green Hornet Press Conference at Sony Studios with Michel Gondry, Christoph Waltz, Jay Chou, Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz and Evan Goldberg. *

THE GREEN HORNET produced by Michael Grillo, Ori Marmur and the late George W. Trendle, Jr., in cooperation with Sony Entertainment and Columbia Pictures hosted members of the media on the SONY Studio Lot for the junket press conference.

The Green Hornet director, Michel Gondry and Christoph Waltz. *

THE GREEN HORNET press and industry screening, showcased the high-tech, heavy body count, comedic thrill ride directed by Michel Gondry and starring Tom Wilkinson, Christoph Waltz, Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Cameron Diaz, Edward James Olmos, David Harbour and The Black Beauty.

Christoph Waltz and Jay Chou from The Green Hornet Press Conference. *

THE GREEN HORNET follows the premise of the early radio program that ran fifteen years evolving into the television series of the same name that has the unlikely hero avenger and his faithful partner in crime fighting cleaning up the inner city streets and conquering injustice.

Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz and Evan Goldberg at The Green Hornet Press Conference. *

The film's central character, THE BLACK BEAUTY, a bangin' '64 Chrysler Imperial, souped up with hooker headers and redesigned with all the gizmos and gadgets that would make even the most affluent superhero lust, takes over the streets of Los Angeles in the remake of the 1966 classic television program that starred Van Williams and the iconic Bruce Lee.

The Black Beauty at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. *

The writing team of Seth Rogen, who also stars as party animal Britt Reid, and Evan Goldberg, crafted a sleek, multiple layered script with fresh dialogue that, when aided by the incredibly talented cast, snaps and pops with fine tuned comedic timing, precision and delivery.

Cameron Diaz, as Lenore Case and the clueless Britt Reid.

Reid, the son of a newspaper magnate James Reid played by Academy Award winner Tom Wilkinson (Michael Clayton), is spoiled by the fruits of his father's hard work. As the publisher of The Daily Sentinel, a fictitious bi-fold running out of Los Angeles, Reid is known for his exemplary character, a true "north star" who led the paper, with the help of his loyal Editor-in-Chief, Axford, played by Edward James Olmos, to an unchallenged pinnacle of achievement.

Edward James Olmos, as Editor-in-Chief, Axford, counsels Britt Reid on running a daily.

The pairing of Seth Rogen as the spoiled silver spoon, Britt Reid, and Jay Chou as the very cool, underappreciated super hi-tech inventor genius, Kato, creates on-screen dynamics that explode with intensity.

Kato and Britt Reid in The Green Hornet.

Jay Chou, Asia's hottest singing sensation, delivers a strong performance as the devoted partner in crime fighting, Kato. While he is relatively unknown in the United States he is hot property in the Asian Pacific Rim and can fill The Staples Center with screaming, adoring, fans. He adds the cool factor with his high flying martial arts training, vulnerability and ingenuity.

Seth Rogen as Britt Reid with Jay Chou as Kato.

The two, Chou and Rogen, create an on-screen force that builds franchises. The sharp dynamic exchanges, along with the jealousies of the unknown, the competition for Ms. Diaz's affection, and the shun-di, the bond that develops invites the audience to bond with them. The audience's sympathy is for the vigilante; the crime fighting, take back our streets, clueless heroic helpers.

Seth Rogen as Britt Reid and Jay Chou as Kato building The Black Beauty.

Cameron Diaz, as Lenore Case, captures the essence of a powerhouse investigative news reporter sidelined, marginalized, and regulated to administrative support of less qualified and less intelligent men. She has a nose for the news and to quote Melanie Griffith in WORKING GIRL, "A head for business and a bod for sin."

Scenes from The Green Hornet with Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz.

The back story deals with an undercurrent of exchange in the workplace: What will workers tolerate for the pursuit of their goals? In Ms. Diaz's role, her character tolerates blatant sexual harassment and handles it with aplomb for the opportunity to pursue her journalistic dreams.

Cameron Diaz and Seth Rogen in The Green Hornet.

Ms. Diaz's appeal, as she is well known for her comedic roles that include dancing in her Underoos, creates a dichotomy of expectation which is rarely conquered in the workplace. Could there be a female beat reporter as skilled as she is attractive and alluring and still be taken seriously?

Scenes from The Green Hornet with Christoph Waltz as Chudnofsky tackles another problem in his organized crime syndicate.

Christoph Waltz, (Inglorious Bastards), stars as Chudnofsky, a heartless, insecure, maniacal crime boss under pressure from the continued destruction of his organized crime syndicate by THE GREEN HORNET. Feeling his pre-eminence, as LA's crime Lord, challenged Chudnofsky reacts with fevered intensity. His flawed emotional personality is vividly portrayed and delivered with comedic accuracy beginning with the challenge by James Franco in an un-credited role as Crystal Clear.

Christoph Waltz as Chudnofsky with his signature double impact.

Shot in true 3-D, THE GREEN HORNET special effects create a hyper-reality experience that not only reaches out but also envelopes and allows for the audience to see the 3-D carry over through each scene. The slow motion 3-D build up during the Kato-Night Vision sequences are militaristic with radar exactness.

Scenes from The Green Hornet.

THE GREEN HORNET is a high energy, fast action, comedic adventure! A rollicking good time! Seth Rogen and newcomer Jay Chou rock! THE GREEN HORNET opens in theaters everywhere January 14th, 2011.

The Green Hornet from Sony Entertainment and Columbia Pictures opens in theaters everywhere Friday, January 14, 2011.

Special Thanks to Warren Betts of Warren Betts Communications/Zoomwerks.

Images where noted (*) by Janet Walker courtesy of Pulse Point Productions, Inc.

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