Ship of fools

Wed, Aug 17, 2005

I snapped the waitress's picture, forgetting where I was, she quickly reminded me with the following diatribe (or something like it): I do not appreciate you taking my picture-- you need to ask my permission before. Welcome to Hollywood, where everyone thinks they are a G-d. You are probably thinking to yourself, well she has a right not to be bothered, to be left alone. If this were her thinking I would whole-heartedly agree with you, but it is not; she is trying to control her image. To bring perspective to this level of hubris and narcissism one must simply understand that we live in a society that fails to recognize the faces of men and women who have changed the course of history. We are in many way like Narcissus, falling in love with our own image in the water, but at least he was turned into a flower, I really do not think we will be that lucky.

This is the dance of a Hollywood party; switching between narcissism and hope. The night was full of 'actresses' trying to be the next big thing and old men who had no qualms about promising them the seven seas. So the actresses roam through the crowd, nibbling on any faint hope. 'Hey, let me introduce you to my friend, he is a big producer.', someone says. I was just waiting for someone to utter the immortal line, 'Hey baby I can make you a star.'


Thankfully, not everyone was a huckster. Even among this den of lions there are some who really know they are only pussycats. Old timers who have seen it all and done it all and can laugh at it all. Kramer, on Seinfeld, once remarked that proctologists tell the best stories at parties. I beg to differ, there are no better stories than those of old time personal managers. These stories bring hope to this jaded world; if only through the mere fact that things where not always this way. Just as entertaining as the stories of old timers is that of people in the porn industry.


Nothing is as amusing as conversing or merely being in the presence of these people. There is something refreshing in their gaudiness, in their unabashed love of life. In a room full of plastic mannequins, every now and then it is good to listen to a heartbeat. What I find most surprising is their intelligence; somehow the only people I have ever been able to discuss Shakespeare and the law with are 'porn-stars.'

As for everything else well after so many parties everything starts to blur together. There really was nothing unique about this one. It was supposed to be a fashion show but instead of having real models they projected everything onto huge screens that no one seemed to notice. All in all it was good night and keep your eye out you just might see me in the movies, or at least that is what he promised.

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