See or Just Listen to Peas at 5:30

Jakob and Lily sense each other through the wall.

Even with your eyes closed you would fall in love with just listening to the story that director Lars Buechel tells. Peas at 5:30 is a beautiful love story that takes place between two people searching for something they cannot see. When Jakob, a famed theatre director has a serious car accident that takes away his eyesight he is left hopeless and suicidal. Lily, a blind social worker comes to help him adapt to the darkness and literally saves him from self destruction. The movie becomes a funny and moving struggle on the will to live and discovering the unknown.

Jakob has trouble accepting his loss of sight.

Jakob (Hilmir Snaer Gudnason) escapes death only to attempt suicide in one hilarious failure after another. He faces his sudden darkness with resentment and alienates those who try to help him. He is spiteful of those who can still see. His entire life revolved around designing and directing theatrical pieces and now his skills were made useless. The only person that made a difference to him was his ailing mother who he couldn't bring himself to tell about his new disability. But it was Lily (Fritzi Haberlandt) whose persistence makes a true difference in his new lifestyle.

Jakob's inability to see made him unable to realize that Lily was also blind. He shooed her away like an annoying puppy who wouldn't give up. Luckily his defiance was no match for her persistence. She wanted so badly to show him how to see without his eyes that she allowed him to take her on a journey throughout the country to find his mother.

Lily continues to try to guide Jakob.

Jakob exclaimed that he didn't need her nor want her around but when left alone in the darkness he begged for her to come back. In some of the funniest scenes the audience realizes what it is like to see with your ears and sense those who are around you. Running in squares and circles in a field of what must have been the most fragrant flowers, we watch a game of hide and seek transpire between the couple. When Jakob finally gives up he relies on Lily's unwavering ability to find her way back to civilization with the use of her other four senses. Thus the journey begins where Lily is Jakob's first subject he must get to know through touch, smell, and blind intuition.

Jakob and Lily give into their senses.

Jakob and Lilys' love story is only one of three that is going on in the film. The fianc饠that Lily leaves behind and her mother follow close behind in a number of hilarious quarrels between the uptight and the demanding. The third romance occurs between the younger sister and the boy next door. When asked about the necessity of the third story line the director stated that he was so humored by the young couple and their first exploration of love and intimacy that they simply had to be in the film. "It would just be straight story telling if I cut them out." Thankfully he left the children in because it reminded us of how complicated the love between adults can be and how simple it was when we were younger.

Jakob and Lily catch a ride into town.

In the end it is Lily who helps Jakob find his way back to his mother so that he could feel her presence one last time. She teaches him how to feel, hear, and ultimately fall in love again with the world around him. She helped him embrace life in a new more fulfilling way without the deceptions that come with sight. We watch their love grow and see them explore one another in a way more intimate than any other love scene. Lars Buechel states, "This film is not about the blind it is about love. It asks the question, where does love come from when two people cannot see themselves?" The answer has to be that it comes from the heart and the senses. It is safe to say that the blind have an advantage over the seeing. They are not blinded by aesthetics instead they are willing to full heartedly embrace the beauty from within.

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