Rock Out the Risky Business Way

Simon Cowell would have been properly pleased at Kimberly Caldwell's commanding stage presence this past week at the Avalon and Spider Club in Hollywood.  On Wednesday June 29th, American Idol's Kimberly Caldwell hosted the 'Rock This Way' tour, blending together a night of fashion and the hip, new sounds of summer. 

The night was kick-started with a fashion show featuring the new threads of 'Foreign Policy Clothing.'  Scantily-clad models took the runway with gusto as Kimberly Caldwell introduced the fall line and got the crowd jumping. 

The models sauntered in stilettos and lingerie, covered only in oversized men's dress shirts.  It truly was risky business.  Foreign Policy Clothing is a new hip line with British inspiration, featuring bold, classic cuts.  

After the fashion show, OTH took the stage as listeners grooved to their new songs with special guest-star guitarist Damien Hurst.  The band has been featured on the OC show and recently came out with their new album. 

Following the performance by OTH, the party kept going at the ever-hip, hidden Spider Club.  The crowd followed Kimberly Caldwell upstairs as hipsters sipped martinis and continued to rock the night away. 

Check out the 'Rock This Way' tour next month when Kimberly Caldwell will return with more live music and another glimpse of the hottest bands and artists in the country, and another chance to rock this way. 

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