Psychic to the Stars

Internationally known psychic Victoria Bullis has been predicting the future and bringing positive changes in the lives her clients for nearly a quarter of a century. She has been helping A-list stars and everyday people throughout the world achieve enormous success, through individual psychic consultations.



Since early childhood she has had the ability to predict the future. But it wasn't until after graduating from college and embarking on a teaching career that she realized her destiny lay somewhere else.

Following her intuition she ventured to Hong Kong where she spent seven years and rediscovered her passion for spirituality. Since then she has emerged as an international celebrity in the metaphysical world.


Her strategy includes using psychic readings, directed meditations, lucid dreaming, past life regressions, soul coaching and intense energy work. "When I first start to work with a client, I tune in to where the client is in life with his or her already set personal goals," says Bullis. "Then, through the use of countless metaphysical tools, I work with clients to expand their beliefs of what they think they should achieve in life. It's my life purpose for all my clients to go for some level of greatness."

"As a psychic, I bring people to the next stage of enlightenment in their lives," says Bullis. "I connect clients with no-longer-living relatives, friends, pets, Spirit Guides, Angels and historical figures who have special messages for them. When people receive messages and inspirations from these Divine Supporters they get a sense of closure, peace, and hope."

In addition to her private consultations Bullis has been a frequent guest over the last 14 years on national and international radio shows. Top radio stations, all home to her, include; KROQ 106.7 FM in Los Angeles, California, Hot 99.5 FM in Washington, DC, KXXR 93FM in Minneapolis, Minnesota, WNEW 1027 FM in New York, New York, KRQI 96.5 FM in Seattle, Washington, KSRC Star 102FM in Kansas City, Kansas, Capitol Gold in London, and 2CC in Australia.

In honor of the upcoming holiday of Halloween, L.A. Splash Magazine has asked Bullis for some insider information on haunted Hollywood click here .

For more information on Victoria Bullis, visit or call 888- 686-2200.


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