Monday Night Karaoke at Cinespace – A Real Chance To Be A Star And Party Like One Too

Hollywood is the place where people flock to make their dreams come true. It is a place where star-lined streets are just as literal as the fizzled out dreams that lay on them.  The realization that magic isn’t what makes the lights so bright and the people so beautiful seems to be the one golden rule to making it in Hollywood. The other golden rule?  Knowing where to go and who to have on your team. It is often times the people that stand behind and on side of you that can help to turn you into star! One place where your star status can reign supreme because of having the right players on your team is one of my newly crowned must-visit venues, Cinespace. Every Monday night at Cinespace, you have the opportunity to become a star with Live Band Karaoke.  Yes, Live Band! This is not your mom and pops karaoke venue. Au Contraire, this is Hollywood’s Karaoke…lights, camera, action! It is a team effort that works together on any given Monday to help bring your stardom to life. With the phenomenal band Steel Rod and host Cedric Yarbrough from the hit comedic show Reno 911, anyone can stand on that stage in front of the entire venue and sound like a star…almost.  Even if you don’t sound like a star, you are sure to look like one! Trust me, I am talking from first-hand experience and have the pictures to prove it!

Brand Manager Jason Sereno poses with Ashton (l) and Cedric Yarbrough of Reno 911 (r)

The deejay (l); a book of 500 songs that Steel Rod can play (r)

Francis and Jojo laugh it up (l) while Parrice Smith calls it a wrap

But, the night I fell in love with Cinespace didn’t happen by chance, just as the venue itself didn’t happen by chance. A plan to offer something new and different seems to be the basis for my discovery of Monday Nights at Cinespace and the basis for the management’s creation of the venue and its offerings. Since the time that two MTV staffers envisioned creating an atmosphere that celebrated nightlife and the full multi-media experience, Cinespace has been the go-to spot for movie premiere parties, celebrity social events, and everything in between.  Understanding the nature of Hollywood and the crave to live and party like a star, even if it is for just one night, Monday night Karaoke was born and it has been rapidly growing since. My good friend and GOE fashion line creator Ashton L. Wilson came to town to celebrate his birthday and I knew that the ordinary social outing would not be suitable.  Another friend told me about Cinespace and I immediately contacted Brand Manager, Jason Sereno to find out more about the venue and the opportunity to host my group of friends for a birthday celebration.

Brand Manager, Jason Sereno (l) and Band manager Greg Chard (r)

Nekia Hattley groovin (l)

J'aire Hattley and stunt actor Tyler Vogt shows everyone how to have a good time (l); Waitress and friend, Tiffany Phillips (r) she can sing too

Booking an event at the location is as simple as making reservations at your favorite restaurant.  The staff is more than willing to accommodate you and your guests according to your specifications. Monday nights are different in that the central element is the Live Band Karaoke. However, in the room adjacent to where the band plays, there is a deejay playing top 100 tunes.  The venue also boasts a large outdoor patio area, two large bars, and a VIP area. But the only VIP area that you have to contend with on Monday nights is the stage!  It is on the stage where you become important. It is on the stage where people stand and listen.  It is on the stage where your voice is heard, where your presence is seen.

Francis Perdue (l) and Ashton Wilson (r) feeling the music

New friends danced with our group

Kelcey Newman (l) and Ashton Wilson (r) search through 500 songs

In ode to Mr. Wilson’s birthday, I decided to place all apprehension behind me and take to the stage. I belted out a horrible rendition of Prince’s Kiss, but I have to tell you that once I was finished I didn’t want to leave. Another one of my friends sang Chaka Khan and the whole night was filled with dancing, singing, laughing, and comraderie. Did I tell you we formed a “Soul Train” line in front of the stage? Yeah, that’s what Monday nights at Cinespace brings out.  And, to no surprise, people that can really sing seem to be regulars. I was amazed by the talent and am sure that scouts are sitting in the shadows waiting to pick up their next undiscovered talent. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of them. But, that doesn't matter! I had a blast.

J'aire Hattley and friends

The band (l) Francis gets ready to sing with Greg Chard (r)

One of the bars

Boy o Boy, I can’t begin to explain the amount of fun that we all had that night in honor of Mr. Ashton L. Wilson’s birthday, in honor of friendship, and in honor of loving life.  There aren't too many places in Hollywood where you can go and just feel like you are having fun with family. The love extended by Mr. Jason Sereno and the staff made my party and I feel just this way. Additionally, great drink specials are given throughout the night to help with the budget-concious patrons! Last but not least, I have to give a huge shout out to band manager and co-host of the night Greg Chard. He loosened us up on the stage via laughter and dance.

Keelonnie and her girls came to party

A birthday toast for Ashton Wilson

I was a little shaken at the by the doorman who seemed to not know that I was on the list or who Jason was, but once we got past all that, everything was “gravy” as they say.  I will be sure to make it out to Cinespace at least twice per month and will proclaim it as a one of THE Hollywood hotspots for visitors and natives alike.  Thank you Cinespace, thank you friends!

Large dancefloor area with a full bar

And that's a wrap

For additional information on Cinespace, please log onto:

Cinespace is located at 6356 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028. Phone Number is 323.817.3456.

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