Horror movies are the new flavor of the moment, with every style out now
from "The Amityville Horror" to "Sin City" to the upcoming "House of Wax",
now there's one more to add to the roster: "Mindhunters". This is a film is
about a group of FBI profilers in training being pushed to the edge. For
their final test before graduation, their eclectic instructor (Kilmer), who
is known for his left field teachings, sends them to an isolated island for
the ultimate simulation, but little do they know the simulation is not so

Arriving at the island

The isle of which they are stranded on, feels eerie and unsettling from the
second they land. A Navy target practice ground; littered with dummies that
are filled with bullet holes, rotting food with maggots, and stray cats. It
is actually said by their teacher that something doesn't feel right about
the place; but he seems more delighted than bothered by that fact and
quickly leaves them to their own defenses.

Val Kilmer and LL Cool J

After finding their first clue, a clock, in the mouth of a bloody, tortured,
hung cat (which is a common find in their teacher's twisted simulations);
the group finds out that time is not on their side. They fall helplessly
into their first trap, and lose their core man, thus discovering that it's
no longer a game. This changes everything. The agents start to lose their
nerve and all of a sudden it's every man for himself. They can't decide whom
to trust and repeatedly turn on one another, accusing them all of being
their twisted master of time. With each man honing certain skills and
weaknesses, they quickly realize that their killer is focusing on their
individual attributes and trapping them that way.

Christian Slater

The tone of the film is set from the very first scene, putting you on the
edge of your seat from beginning to end. The plot is filled, with unexpected
twists and turns (with underlined bits of romance), that keep you guessing
up to the very last breath. The film provided a few unexpected, relieving
laughs, in-between the high tension of fear and anticipation. I found the
film to be frightening, gory, and unpredictable.

On the hunt

Starring in this film is LLCoolJ, whose is well know for other
action-suspense flicks such as, "Deep Blue Sea", "Halloween H20", and
"S.W.A.T.", just to name a few. Also sharing the big screen are Val Kilmer,
Christian Slater, Jonny Lee Miller, Kathryn Morris, Clifton Collins Jr, Will
Kemp, Patricia Velazquez. In most cases, the acting fell a bit short of
realistic (especially coming from Velazquez) and over time became just
annoyingly fake. LLCoolJ played a similar role to that of his one in "Deep
Blue Sea", with his bits of cheesy humor, and his bad-ass attitude. Overall,
I feel this movie you can stand to miss. If you must see it, rent it, but I
don't advise spending your precious pennies on this bomb.

To find out more information on the cast or the film itself, you can log
onto: mindhunters-thefilm.com/



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