Martha Lipton - Blissville

The sultry ambient soundscape surrounding Martha Lipton's voice reiterates her eternal desire to express her emotions in 'sharper relief.' This is a record for anyone in search of themselves…in search of love…of lust…of a true mis-understanding of life's inevitable complications. You've been stood up…it's 2am…you wander aimlessly on the wet pavement…the glitter of dimly lit streetlamps beneath your feet is the focus of your concentration. Suddenly, something soothing permeates your aural membranes…it's the voice of a female…sure, it's the last thing you'd think you'd want to hear after a night like this, but there's something about it that draws you in…maybe it's the soft piano notes resting comfortably below the vocals…by this point, it doesn't matter…unconsciously, you find yourself being led by your ears…you look up, the flickering red neon sign reads 'open.' You walk in.

The place is empty…perfect. Soft dark red velvet adorns the booths…perfect. The lights are only bright enough to see the few maroon-carpeted steps directly in front of you…perfect. There lies a woman stretched across the piano with a mic in her hand. You hear the rest of the band, but you can't see anything more than their shadowy black outlines against the dark brick wall behind them. Though she never leaves her post, she's speaking to you…singing to you…reaching out to you…there is no one else in here…the place belongs to you…and to her…perfect. Though you haven't felt this soothed, relaxed, for too long of a time, there's still something a bit askew. There's something about that voice…that hair…that tone…so familiar…but what is it?

A lone bright white spotlight clicks on…no, it can't be…no way!!! What kind of bad dream is this??? She walks towards you…she sings of heartache, of no time for love, of being lost in a world of material survival, and hating every minute of it. No, it can't be. Please let this not be a dream this time. Let this be real. She stops at your table. She is standing right in front of you…"I'm so sorry…my boss made me work late…"

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