Makin' Moves Shorts Program - OUTFest 2009

Well, Ladies & Gentleman, I have just come from probably the best shorts program I have ever seen. Never before has a film festival assembled a shorts programs with much diversity if style, voice and story as Makin’ Moves Shorts features by OUTFest 2009. From Foreign language drama to coming of age comedy, this programs indeed has something for everyone. The shorts featured in the Makin’ Moves Program include:

"Frequent Traveller" Directed By: Patricia Bateira


                                                                                              Frequent Traveller
Directed By: Patricia Bateira
Even want someone to notice you? Well, for one traveler it’s all about wearing enough metal, or is it? Funny with a nod to the tenacious in this world.


Color Me Bad
In Dutch/Arabic with English subtitles
Directed By: Hesdy Lonwijk
Shot very much in an homage to Raging Bull, this short tells the unexpected story about a young man who is trying to be someone he is not. For his father, for his religion. But is change possible by just deciding?  


"Seeds" Directed By: Stewart Hendler


Directed By: Stewart Hendler
Two people meet at a bus stop at through their brief encounter, find the strength to move forward in their lives, by letting go. This is wonderful yet simple story about how we as people affect each other, sometimes simply by virtue of human contact.


"transatlantic" Directed By: David Quantic

Directed By: David Quantic
This musical allegory tells the tale of two couples, two love affairs and how they are connected.


"Non-Love-Song" Directed By: Erik Gernand


Directed By: Erik Gernand
This wonderfully understated short is a brief glimpse of a day in the life of two guys on the beach sharing a few true confessions on the eve of their separate.


"Dirty Magazines" Directed By: Jay J. Levy

Dirty Magazines
Directed By: Jay J. Levy
A coming out piece from the shared point of view of a gay teen and the woman who is determined to be the perfect mother. Brilliantly directed with a remarkable, star-caliber performance from Suzan Brittan in the comic the role of Mom.

Makin’ Moves is just one of eight shorts programs this year at OUTFest 2009 happening now through July 19, 2009.

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