Le Meridien Pre-Academy Awards Lounge And Suites 2004

The buzz bash de jour (during the day, at least) was the 6th floor of Le Meridien Hotel on La Cienega.  Yes, the ENTIRE floor.  Once you exited the elevator, you immediately felt friendly vibes.  One also realized that this event (an annual happening that happens all week before those "bold-gold-bald-guy" awards) is geared to gals.  Attendees included an array of actresses, models, and fashionistas -- as well as female journalists who write about actresses, models and fashionistas.

Visitors browsed around a dozen or so sweet suites with beaucoup items on display, activities to enjoy, and nibbles to nosh on.  Plenty of places provided perfect pre-fete preparations -- from fixing eyebrows to sampling the best in makeup, gowns, and shoes from such upper echelon faves as Taryn Rose and Stuart Weitzman.  One room had a guy giving free mini massages.  Another gave out mini Oscar-survival kits with disposable camera and aspirin.  (I half expected to see a mini Cooper, or maybe Chris Cooper, but alas, no.  Ditto on mini skirts.)  Femmes found fun in front of another room, too, as 2 guys in robes offered cigars (insert Freud joke here).

Once you had your fill of browsing and perusing, you could switch to acting amusing, in the "Main Room" -- the 60s-look watering hole hangout you hit as you depart the elevator, tempting Tinseltown travelers with gratis Bacardi drinks, celebs and convo.  Rhonda Shear was holding court the day I was there -- looking great, definitely not looking like she was "Up All Night" (and if you actually got this lame line, you must remember USA Network's early pre-"Monk" days, too).  Behind this main area, the Colored Diamonds suite beckoned.  But you had to pass through the free drinks to get to it, so I wonder how many folks got sucked/stuck in the reveling room. If so, they missed some high end stuff.

So take note for next year: Le Meridien is THE place to be if you need to get your fashion freak on with debuting or daring designers, and designing dames -- all on one floor, for "the week before".  Saving you invaluable time you can now use to pick proper pre-awards parties to partake in.

Dr. Don Rose
Entertainment and Technology Writer
Publisher & Editor In Chief, The Rose Review
Reporter, Radio Parallax, KDVS FM
310 729 1683       [email protected]

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