L7 Poker Night

Kat posing with the lucky green tie

Poker has become the most popular table game in the western world and the most popular poker game is Texas Hold'em. This year the poker explosion has rocked the world as televised tournaments have become a huge hit and make their way into the living rooms of millions of viewers. Not only is the game popular on television, but it is also the biggest game on the internet. The coverage of the World Poker Tour on the Travel channel and the ESPN coverage of the World Series of Poker has sparked the interest of kitchen table poker players, as well as many people who have never played poker before in their life. Poker has many variations but the one game that has everyone buzzing is Texas Hold'em, which reveals all the cards in the hand except for the two dealt to each player. The game can be played at the lower end or the high rollers can play the same game at their increased level of value.

L7, which brings together people, culture, aesthetics, music, restaurants, and styles, hosted the launch of the newest poker room on the internet, www.greentiepoker.com. L7's founder Kathrin Nolan hosted the event for L7 which was held on the twelfth floor of the Loews Beverly Hills Hotel. The setting was perfect for this event as it offered fantastic views of the city in all directions, something that went unnoticed as most eyes were on the cards the entire evening. The well-attended event had to deal with a welcome problem as they needed to provide more poker tables for the enthusiastic crowd that wanted to try their hand at the game. Since the event took place on a Saturday, people dressed to impress, but again, all eyes were on the cards.

L7 saw to it that the people enjoyed this evening, bull of cards and cocktails. People didn't need to know how to play to participate, the greentiepoker dealers were there to make everyone feel at ease and explain the rules of the game. And, of course, if you already knew how to play, then you were able to swim with the sharks. This was not a gambling situation but the promotion of greentiepoker which was on hand to offer everyone a chance to learn the game so that they would visit the internet and make greentiepoker their room of choice.

Poker players and non-players enjoyed themselves

L7, a social and networking scene that began in September, 2003 brings together young professionals from a cross-section of industries to experience what Los Angeles has to offer. L7 events are for singles, couples and groups of friends. The age range is late twenties to early forties. Their scene brings together young professionals from a cross-section of industries to experience what Los Angeles has to offer: cocktail networking or dinner parties, wine tasting, cultural events, adventure games, yacht parties and more. The age ranges from the mid twenties to the forties. 'L7 brings together people, culture, aesthetics, music, restaurants and style without the usual LA attitude,' several people said. Kathrin has been organizing, promoting and hosting events and other outings in New York and Los Angeles for several years. Being dissatisfied with the LA social scene she decided to create one she would like to participate in.

Their email list consists of more than 13,000 people and is growing every day. By joining through their website, members receive periodic emails about upcoming events. They host about six monthly events. There is no fee to join the L7scene. To receive emails about upcoming events simply visit their web site. It should be noted that L7 is not a singles thing but rather a social and networking scene.

With thousands of seated players, GreenTiePoker.com is one of the fastest growing poker rooms in the world. Their site offers a myriad of games and stakes to choose from, is user friendly, and includes highly excellent customer service. More than just an online gaming site, GreenTiePoker.com is a virtual experience. Created by players - for players - they give men what they really want: the green; and the girls: the glory. One can play in weekly tournaments with a chance to win a seat at next year's World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. A player can win ridiculous prizes in their Fantasy Tournaments (Beer for a Year, tickets to your favorite Major League park, VIP access to our next sultry modeling shoot, etc). Let their VIP Concierge Service plan your next trip to Las Vegas. They will hook you up with the best hotels, the finest restaurants, and the hottest clubs. Whether you are a high roller or a first-time player, prepare to be pampered like the pros at greentiepoker. GreenTiePoker.com is operated by eWorld Processing and licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Their security team has taken the highest possible precautions to ensure that their system is dependable, verifiable, and fair to all users. You may contact greentiepoker at [email protected].



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