Kenny Loggins at the Greek - A Review

The marquee reads "Kenny Loggins" "Crosby Loggins".  Saturday June 12th the top recording artist and son perform in Los Angeles' Greek Theater.  Crosby and his band opened for his Dad with the warmest welcome from fans. The Twenty-four year old Loggins is following in his Father's footsteps as a vocalist.  His sound is very much like that of James Taylor and Dan Fogelberg.



Kenny Loggins brought in nearly a full house to the outdoor theater.  His career spanning over 30 years, and he still has an amazing voice. I remember listening to him when I was a teenager.  I certainly loved his music then, but I would have to say that seeing him and hearing him live, is really the only way to get the feeling of how talented he really is.  Loggins has a wide vocal octave range that is as solid as the 14 Gold and 12 Platinum albums that he has released.

Performing 22 songs for "Footloose" fans that couldn't stay in there seats. Loggins had a medley where Mamma was certainly up dancin' and Daddy was rockin' right out of his seat.  He even let Prince throw in a kiss. Red and white lights stripe through smoke, setting the stage with a patriotic edge. Chris Rodrieguez is on guitar and Shem Schroeck on Bass while Loggins sang a few songs from his new album, which was released in August 2003, "It's About Time". It was the first album released in more then 6 years.  Loggins gets close to the audience with a dedication to divorced couples and meandering through the crowd, while shaking hands and touching shoulders.  While "Give it a little Time" he so amusingly dedicated to himself.  

Keyboardist Carl Herrgesell gave Loggins a break with a remarkable solo on the electric piano.  As "Celebrate Me Home" then brought Loggins back out onto the stage.  The last song performed finished up with a standing ovation that Kenny Loggins would be "Forever" in the heart of his fans. Loggins is without a doubt one of the best live performers in the music industry.  

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