"How It All Went Down." - A promising film with a small budget

The Director

The Writer

"How It All Went Down" premiered September 16, 2003 at the Writer's Guild here in LA.  Silvio Pollio is making a formidable appeal to the US market.  He is a very talented young filmmaker, writer and actor.  The movie will be shown to the public this Friday at the Laemmle Music Hall Theater 9039 Wilshire Blv., Beverly Hills. Silvio works mainly out of Vancouver.

This thriller movie is based on the true-life story of Carmine 'Instante' Cavelli, filmmaker turned notorious drug dealer, who vanished in 1997.  It tells the story of a struggling filmmaker who finds himself involve in the dark world of guns drugs and prostitution.    Andy Chun and Silvio Pollio produced it. David Bercovici-Artied did the cinematography.  Whilst the story line is very good the poor quality of the film itself (35mm blown up from 16mm), necessitated by the extremely low budget,  does not do any real justice to the obvious many talents of Silvio Pollio and his team. 

The Producer

At the Premier Silvio made a passionate speech about his  attempts and final success to get this movie made.  Although this movie is only just being released it was filmed some 3 years ago in Vancouver.  I certainly give Silvio my vote of confidence.  He will definitely go the distance and already has another movie in postproduction and other projects pending.  

Silvio hopes to get a US distribution deal out of his heightened profile and more proactive promotion.  Here's your opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Ready your checkbooks and take this opportunity with "How it all went Down".  Silvio's a really nice guy and he has a good sense of loyalty. You can bank on it.  Call Kaila on (310)801-5676 for more details.

Silvio has already started on his next big project.  It is called "Once Upon A Night"  and is an intriguing concept of Hollywood meets Bollywood.  Two powerful families one Italian and one Indian fight over drug territories.  A love affair develops between a member of each family and the ending is not quite what you might expect. Watch this space!! 

Daniella Evangelista

Daniella Evangelista

 Co-star Daniella Evangelista who plays opposite Silvio (Carmine) as Stella a young drug addict/prostitute was a real redeeming factor for me.  Her performance is outstanding.    She started her career when she was only four years old and was still only 15 years old when she played this part. Daniella is now quite an accomplished actress with many subsequent credits to her name.... Check out her web site by clicking on the link.  http://www.daniellaevangelista.com

Daniella is not only extremely pretty, but she is also very intelligent with the rare quality of modesty.  She takes it all very naturally and she is delightful to meet.  It is refreshing to know that such modesty still exists in an industry that is so full of some of the most egotistical people in the world.  This beautiful young actress has a very promising career ahead.  You simply must see her in the new Nickelback Music Video titled "Someday".  Check it out...... It's a treat!

Here are some useful links:

Silvio Pollio:http://www.silvio.biz


David Bercovici-Artieda: http://www.csc.ca/news/default.asp?aID=806

Daniella Evangelista:http://www.daniellaevangelista.com


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