Heat Ultra Lounge Review - New Heat is Hot

Upon arrival, Orange County’s new Heat Ultra Lounge guests will be greeted by bottle waitresses and enthusiastic bartenders bouncing to the beats booming from the sophisticated sound system. 

This new club located at the Anaheim Gardenwalk, neighbors Disneyland, and “is guaranteed to be the hottest spot in Orange County,” says managing partner Mike Joher. Heat Ultra Lounge first opened July 26, 2008 after three years of planning. Joher says the concept of the mega-contemporary Japanese-esque club and event venue was originally made for Las Vegas, but the location and tourist attraction should thrive just as well here in the O.C. where he lives.

This typical Thursday is not moderately busy until 10 or 10:30 p.m. when most booths are occupied, the dance floor is filling out, and two women begin dancing in black and red bikini-like outfits and fur boots on tabletops. The newest techno jams mixed in with a few popular hit songs of 2008 move all dancers to loud beats. Tree bark, bamboo strips with artificial cherry blossoms, and green stems decorate the walls of lounge areas, while purple lights color the air.

The Heat Ultra Lounge houses an indoor, glass-protected smoking room, three full bars, and many booths providing bottle service. The only way visitors can sit comfortably in these booths is if they are willing to participate in bottle service. A waitress, security guard, and a few jugs of mixer go along with the liquor of choice when you plan to order a bottle. Joher mentions Margarita mix with tequila or Apple Martini mix with a favorite bottle of liquor. Absolut Vodka is the least expensive bottle at $280. Guests who only want to order a few drinks from the bar are guaranteed no seat at all, because all the lounging booths require bottle service.

VIP Area

While speaking briefly to smiling Heat Ultra Lounge waitress Sara Lipert, she says, “All the people I work with are awesome!” when asked what the best part of her job is. Those who visit the club are most likely going to feel the same way about the employees.

Heat Waitresses Sara Lipert (left) and Amanda Fain (right)

Aside from the hip indoor ambiance complete with chandeliers, strobe lights, silver chairs, and red-checkered walls, fireworks springing from Disneyland can be seen from one of the windows located next to the bar every night at 9:30 p.m. Disneyland goers, as well as Orange County locals and others can get to this club conveniently, as it is positioned on the backside of the mall in the famous Resort District.

The Heat Ultra Lounge bar menu has many beverages including $16 martinis, $12 shooters, and $6 beer. According to Joher, nothing on the menu should be considered generic. One of the best custom drinks served here is the moHEATo, which includes St. Germain, a special ingredient in the recipe. There is no food on the menu, but hor’dourves are offered by the waitresses.

“The ambiance is really pumped and exciting. The drinks are great, the music is great, and everyone seems to be having a wonderful time,” says Stephanie Minasian, Heat Ultra Lounge club guest. Birthdays and Bachelorette parties are also offered for Ultra Heat lovers. The prices are a little bit high, but the experience is worth the extra spending.

For more info on the Ultra Heat Lounge, click here.

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