Haunted Hollywood

In honor of Halloween internationally known Psychic to the stars Victoria Bullis shares some insider information on the haunted side of Hollywood. 

First of all do you know the difference between a ghost and a spirit?



According to Bullis a ghost is a being who hasn't processed or refuses to believe that they are dead. Their etheric body stays on earth because of fear or denial, like the fear of a punishing god or the denial they have died. A ghost is someone who hasn't crossed over to the spirit world yet and remains on the earthly plane. If the denial of death goes on after 50 or 60 years someone can be called a ghost or poltergeist. Ghosts can travel around and aren't confined to the place they died.

Most cultures have a belief when dying the spirit crosses over from the earthly life plan to the spiritual plane. Our culture tends to describe this as going through a tunnel of light; you often hear the phrase of  "going toward the light". Early Native Americans saw it as crossing a river. New Zealanders say you go to the tip of the north island. Ancient Greeks said you cross the river Styx.

Once we have crossed to the other side we have transformed and then become a spirit. We then have an understanding in great detail about every action that has happened in our lives. I. E. why we did things and why certain things happened to us. Spirits can cross back and forth between the earthly and spirit worlds.

In November 1924 William Randolph Hearst is said to have killed filmmaker Thomas Ince, by a gun shot to the head, during a weekend party onboard his luxury yacht the Oneida. Louella Parsons is said to have witnessed the murder and got paid off by being given a lifetime column to keep her quiet. Several rumors abound as to the details of the murder. One is that it was an accident, another is that Hearst was aiming at Charlie Chaplin, who he suspected was seeing his mistress Marion Davies, missed Chaplin and hit Ince. And then the "official stories" where Ince was either on the boat or had not been on the boat, but in both versions he suffered from extreme/indigestion or a heart attack. Whichever version of the death of Ince you choose to believe, according to Bullis his ghost (who until just recently passed on) hung around Patty Hearst and was with her during her Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapping.


Bullis says Charlie Chaplin arrogantly refused to believe he was dead for 15 years. After people he knew in real life died they went to work on him and finally convinced him he was dead and then he was able to cross over. He is now a spirit who still hangs out in Hollywood. And is a frequent visitor at a men's complex (in the heart of Hollywood near his studio), which he built to house his male stars while they were making movies for him.





Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle still wanders around Playa del Rey.

Greta Garbo used to talk to the spirit world. She had a medium teach her how to do it and was in touch with spirits a lot especially during WW2.

Singer Johnny Horton and Johnny Cash both studied to be Psychics and are now helping people in Nashville to channel songs.




John Wayne said he was plagued by seeing ghosts and couldn't sleep because they bothered him.

Between Pacific Palisades and Malibu there is a Spanish mansion, which is now owned by a religious group. At a party there in the 1920's or 30's a woman got murdered and her ghost is still there.

River Phoenix did not commit suicide he was killed and not by his wife. The death was drug related someone hired a hit man to kill him. His spirit now hangs around his brother Joaquin.




The Osbourne's have a negative being in front of their house who hangs out inside the grounds by the gate. This ghost does mischief when tour buses come by like turning sprinklers on.



The property on the right side of Meg Ryan's home has a ghost. A nasty entity who was killed in Chicago during the prohibition.  The ghost traveled to Vegas and wrecked havoc there, influencing several deaths by helping people who were being tortured not to live through it. He migrated to L.A. and is know hanging out at the property next door to Meg. He interferes with her by causing car mechanical and electrical problems.


Aaron Spelling has a family of ghosts hanging out on his property. They were killed by Native American Indians and died in the Midwest on the prairie in a covered wagon. When he plays a certain kind of music they come into his house and hang out in a living room corner.

The famous Mulholland drive has a lot of ghosts wandering around. Two of them were people killed by a stalker in the 60's.


Nicholas Cage has Elvis hanging around him a lot. In fact Elvis kicked out a ghost from his last house in San Francisco.

Ghost stories from miscellaneous sources:

At the corner of Laurel Canyon Blvd and Lookout Mountain Road at midnight witnesses have reported seeing  an old carriage pulled by white horses racing across the road at a full gallop and vanishing into thin air.



In front of Mann's Chinese Theatre the ghost of actor Victor Killian is said to wander in search of his killer.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is said to house the ghosts of Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift.

The Vogue Theatre on Hollywood Blvd is said to have 9 ghosts.

Two people have committed suicide off the Hollywood sign and a caretaker of the sign at night has seen apparitions. Many people claim to have seen ghostly figures and lights float above the sign at night.

Chateau Marmont and the Comedy Store have been reported as having paranormal events and sightings.

Hollywood Cemetery is said to have many ghosts including "The Lady in Black." who walks through the cemetery to Rudolph Valentino's tomb.

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