Event Review: Gen Art IGNITE Party

(August 18, 2004: Hollywood, CA)   Why do I like Gen Art's events so much?  Among other things, they always seem to pull off an element or two of surprise, and so it was no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed their IGNITE party. 

Held at the Henry Fonda Music Box Theater (I wonder what ole Hank would think of the plethora of hip shindigs held in his namesake space), there were many activities to marvel at or participate in.  The marveling part included the gals of the Velvet Hammer burlesque (a fave of many hammered onlookers); their teasing tops topped the bill, as far as stage acts go.




In addition to Gen Art, this bash was sponsored by MORONGO Casino Resort and Spa, so natch, there was mucho gaming to do. But if you weren't into the chip ka-ching thing, you could venture upstairs, which was packed with revelers as well.  In one enclosed area, over a dozen short films were shown -- including the hilarious high-concept gem, "I Am Stamos".  (Plot: schlubby actor dreams of being the handsome lead, and one day wakes up to find he looks just like hunky actor John Stamos when on camera!  Which, of course, unleashes "the holy wrath" of leading man Stamos, and you can see where this is leading.) 

Smokers liked the open-air roof because, well, you could smoke, but also there were cigarette giveaways; nonsmokers and smokers alike could enjoy the complimentary Heineken, Boru Vodka drinks, and Sobe Adrenaline Rush.  The fun continued when you sat at the PCs previewing ubergamemaker EA's monster hit game sequel, "The Sims 2".  And look, up at the stairs -- a performance piece put on by a lady who seemed to be doing laundry and... well, to be honest, I couldn't really see the point of it, and there was no stripping going on, so let's move on.


Outside, on the "lower patio" if you will, there was live painting performed by Freddi C, of Lab 101 Gallery fame.  Guests could also try SPIN ART; drop dabs of paint on paper, put inside a spinning machine and, faster than you can say Jackson Pollock, you have a homespun (or is it Fondaspun?) mini-masterpiece.  Of course, loyal Gen Art sponsor Acura was again present in force, showcasing a new spiffy car while a promo film played above it (and, unbeknownst to many, the car contained little black giftbag-totes for those in attendance; "I wonder if all new Acuras come so equipped", I quipped, as no one heard, since everyone was busy having a ball and, all in all, there was so much going on at once, which is a good thing, as pre-striped Martha used to say). 
In summary, it was yet another fine festive fete, and Gen Art is to be commended for promoting young up-and-coming artists while entertaining with such style and panache.  Special thanks to Lee Trimble for her assistance.  For more info on Gen Art (go get on their mailing list, already!), see www.genart.org .   


Dr. Don Rose is an L.A.-based freelance writer, specializing in entertainment, the arts and technology.  He also writes The Rose Review, an "alternative news" magazine and blog ( www.therosereview.com ).  Dr. Rose is available for writing projects and consulting; he may be reached at (310) 729 1683 or at [email protected] .

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