ESPN X Games 11 in Los Angeles is a must see for the whole family.

Hollywood June 15th-  The parking lot of the Staples Center in Downtown LA was  the place to be on an overcast Wednesday morning since the Lakers lost the playoffs. To announce the kickoff of ticket sales for the August 4-7 ESPN X Games 11, ESPN converted the otherwise deserted parking lot into a Moto X extravaganza, complete with a huge ramp crawling with the likes of Jeff Ward, Chris Filmore and Myles Richmond.


Now if these names sound familiar to you then you are probably well on your way to making sure that you will be one of the many packing the Home Depot and Staples Centers at the beginning of August. If not, then you likely to be in the same boat as me, in which case, do not despair. There is hope for us squares after all. From what I saw at the kickoff, the August X-Games are far from being a 'members only' event. I was clapping my hands and gasping in awe at the amazing Freestyle demonstrations right along with the fifty or so 10th Street Elementary School children who were also invited to the event.


If this isn't an example of the perfect combination of family fun and premier action sports, I don't know what is. This is an event that can be enjoyed by all whether you know what a 'high-chair-stoopie-double-faring-grab-circle' is or not. While the kickoff event only featured Moto X demonstrations, the actual competition itself features more than 150 of the world's best athletes, both men and women, competing in: BMX Freestyle- featuring dirt, park, vert, and vert best trick, Moto X- featuring best trick, freestyle, step up, and super moto, Skateboard- featuring big air, street, vert, and vert best trick, Surfing, and Wakeboad.


If you act too late and the tickets sell out, ESPN and ABC have your back, providing fourteen hours of original live X- Games programming as well as four late-night highlight programs starting on August 5th. However, if you are lucky enough to secure a ticket, I can tell you that experiencing the adrenaline rush I got from standing within spitting distance of the athletes while they performed stunts that I couldn't even imagine attempting would be well worth forsaking the comfort of the couch and remote control.


Tickets are available as of June 15th and can be purchased through and can also be purchased on site at the STAPLES Center and Home Depot Center box offices for the events taking place at those venues.


As a beginner to the world of 'X-treme' sports, a 10am to 8pm day of competition seems a bit long to watch, but luckily the events are mixed up as to cater to the most 'X-treme' cases of ADD.


Whether you are in Osh-Kosh or Etnies, the ESPN X Games 11 is a great event to keep the whole family happy.


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