Deuce Bigalow; European Gigolo


There is a particular philosophy I adhere to when it comes to movies: a movie should either be the greatest

thing since Citizen Kane or the worst movie since Plan Nine from Outer Space. Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo is definitely the later and not the former. This film knows it is ridiculous, raunchy, and politically incorrect and never tries to hide from it; hence the R rating (trust me this movie is definitely R rated). Will you get the answers to the questions of life by watching this movie, of course not. Will you laugh? It depends on the viewer, but I think any human being with a sense of humor will laugh at some part of this movie no matter how juvenile the jokes are; I certainly did.

I am not going to insult both of our intelligences by offering a synopsis of this movie or some sort of critical commentary. The plot is pointless, outside of serving as a vehicle to make fun of Europeans. I am not going to talk about the irony that in this country people will be against this movie but in the very nation it lampoons it will at the very most be ignored.

The best way to comprehend what this movie is about is to regress back to when you where in high school and for you boys out there remember what it was like to tell fart jokes and all of those what if jokes. For you ladies out there recall the days when your brother or some other male in your life told such jokes.

It is fair to say all of the what if jokes and then some more are covered by this movie.

Going back to the R rating of this movie I think the landscape has finally become safe for movies to receive R ratings; thanks in part to the success of movies like wedding crashers. I think what dooms most of these movies when they try to achieve a PG-13 rating is that they cannot actually talk about their subject. By capitulating to an R rating the writers of this movie are free to use whatever terms they please and they do not shy away from it.

In all this is actually a good movie. It is funny in that ridiculous, sophomoric sense when the teacher says the name of a certain body part on a man or women (see if I had an R rating I could actually use the name) and all of the kids start laughing. Will this movie win an Oscar, no. Does this movie have a point, no. Will you laugh, hopefully.

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