Calling All Kids With Cameras: Enter the International Student Film and Video Festival

Sitting in the cinema when you were 5 years old, staring up at the silver screen with popcorn and awe on your face, you couldn't imagine how such wonderful, amazing, BIG things as movies were made. You couldn't imagine how much work went into your favorite Disney movie, or how much money people spent creating the creatures of Jurassic Park. You certainly couldn't imagine other people sitting in that same cinema and wondering the same things about your movie...that you made for free.

Well, no movie is made for free. But every year, the International Student Film Festival Hollywood awards generous monetary prizes and scholarships to student filmmakers through its worldwide competition. The festival's top entries will be screened in the NOHO Arts District in North Hollywood, allowing entrants the coveted opportunity to be recognized among film industry leaders, and creating career development opportunities in their home countries as well as in the United States. How could a student showing his or her film in the entertainment hub of Hollywood not get attention?

ISSFH seeks students adventurous enough to test their talent in formats such as music video, abstract film, animation, and any other style that inspires passion within the filmmaker. The organization accepts entries in such diverse categories as feature length films/videos, short films/videos, documentaries, animations, and music videos. Get those cameras cranking before August 15th, and you've got a shot at having your creation screened at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood.



Judging your film will be a carefully selected panel of professional film teachers, filmmakers, directors, producers, actors, film critics and journalists. They will award you, the most talented of all your film-buff-wannabe peers (oh, don't be modest), prizes in the categories of best feature, best director, and best cinematography. And, because you expressed your artistic vision so eloquently, you will also sweep the categories of best short, best documentary, best editing, best animation, best screen play, and best music video. Congratulations!

This anticipated annual event, organized by a California Nonprofit Corporation called ISFFH, is funded by corporate sponsorships, private donors, and foundations dedicated to supporting the arts. These people aren't doing this for their own benefit -- the International Student Film and Video Festival is organized by people who are eager to give you the opportunity to break into a tough business.

See for more details on how to enter. You have until August 15th to pick up your camera. And they are waiting. Still waiting...

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