And Then Came Lola Film Review - an Official Selection of OUTFest 2009

Ashleigh Sumner (l) and Jill Bennett (r) star in

*The review contains spoilers.*

The kick ass girl flick of the OUTFest 2009 is And Then Came Lola. Structured similar to its quasi-name sake, Run, Lola Run, the film offered something for everyone: fast cars, beautiful scenery, sexy girls, hot sex, witty comedy, and yes, even an important lesson at the end.

Photographer Lola (Ashleigh Sumner), is commitment phobic, sort of. She has met a girl that she is crazy about; the one she might even consider trying a relationship with for the first time since she broke up with three years ago. But is Lola ready to commit, to be as involve and as present in a relationship that she claims she is? She is about to find out.

The new girl in question, Casey (Jill Bennett) phones Lola frantic one afternoon. The photo developer is closed when she tries to pick up the prints she has to present to her prized client. The client Danny (Cathy Debuono) could be Casey’s ticket to a new and exciting career. She calls Lola desperately hoping that Lola can bring the photos to her before the client leaves the country.

(l to r) Candy Tolentino, Ashleigh Sumner and Jessica Graham in

Lola agrees easily, she has two hours to get this done. Wait,,. no, Tricked by her own habit of not turning her clocks back, Lola has one hour to get this done. This girl is important, she has to come through. Little does Lola know that this will be the day that her car gets booted. This is the day she forgets her keys and loses her cell phone. And when ex-girlfriend Jen (Jessica Graham) learns that the photos she developed for free are for Lola’s new girl, things get even more challenging. This is the day that Lola will have a hell of a time getting across town. Fortunately, she’s got three chances to get it right.

Interspersed with segments of animation, group sex therapy flashbacks and a mysterious motorcyclist in a red helmet, And Then Came Lola is everything you would want in an action comedy. Moreover, the film totally delivers in all its performances. Every laugh, every wicked exchange between characters, every introspective moment hit the sweet spot. Every time! I loved everything about this movie. Specially the part where the girl gets the girl in the end.

And Then Came Lola is an Official selection of OUTFest 2009.

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