Air-Way to Heaven

The strings were taught, the amps juiced and ready to go, the costumes tailored to a glove-like fit, and the hair teased for what seemed like a typical music-filled evening on the historical Sunset Strip' save for the fact that though the music was playing, not a guitar was in the house.  Tangible guitar, that is. 

On July 14th, as if time reversed back into that epoch of greasy hair-bands, sex, drugs, and Rock& Roll, a group of warriors came together to lay the gauntlet for this year's 'National Air Guitar Championships,' at the Key Club in Hollywood, on July 14th. 

Passerbys' may have looked incredulously at the words 'air guitar,' and wondered to themselves, 'Hmmm' air guitar? Is that a joke?'   Joke?  By no means' intended make-believe, perhaps' but no joke.  To those in-the-know, those that spent their evening holding G-chords while sweating and grooving to the beat of a Metallica riff or a Guns n' Roses chorus' air guitar is no guise, no farce' air guitar is a way of life.

The judges ranked contestants on their ability to produce the most 'airness,' or, 'the ability to transcend the imitation of an existing art form.'  One by one the contestants were widdled down to the five most convincing' the five with that magician-like finger-bending ability.  It was those competitors that forgot they were holding a guitar at all as they took a spin on stage that were quickly axed from the competition.  When the towel was thrown in, it was the 'Rockness Monster,' or Fatima Hoang, that took the gold. 

The 'Rockness Monster' will join last year's champion, MiRi 'Sonyk Rok' Park as the two go on to represent 'Team USA' in the 10th Annual World Air Guitar Championships in Finland this coming August.

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