ALO Packs Club Fais Do-Do

David Brogan

Born from a friendship nurtured during their days at the University of California Santa Barbara, ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra), on the Indie Lagmusic Records label, includes Zach Gill (keys/vocals), Steve Adams (bass/vocals), Dan Lebowitz (guitars/percussion/ vocals) and David Brogan (drums/vocals). Part musical explorers, part pop songsmiths, all-around dynamic performers, ALO has performed on some of this summer's largest music festivals (Bonnaroo, High Sierra, Minnesota's 10K Lakes Festival) and has been tapped for Jack Johnson's summer tour, which runs throughout the United States and Canada, starting August 1 through September 17. Despite their schedule, the band found time and let their musical magic mesmerize an adoring crowd at Club Fais Do-Do in Los Angeles.

Dan Lebowitz

It was very clear this evening that the joy between band and audience was a two-way street that both parties enjoyed sharing and a journey that neither wanted to end. Zach's joy is simple: his audience loves him because he loves his audience. His warm and raspy voice and soulful piano playing takes listeners on a fun and funky musical exploration. Like a wizard of improvisation, Zach mixes a flash of electronica with a dash of accordion, creating a magical mix of humor and groove. From guitar solos that sweep the gamut of his instrument's range without sacrificing its natural expressiveness, to rhythmic riffs that chank along with the steadiness of a jackhammer, Lebowitz's playing is as notable for its variety as its laid-back execution. While completing his UC degree in Ethnomusicology, Steve picked up the acoustic upright bass, focusing his performance practice predominantly on American, Mexican and Middle Eastern music. Steve's diverse background, along with his warm tone and creative approach, make him a strong anchor from which the band weaves their sound. Brogan adds the perfect backbeat for these musicians that allows the audience to totally enjoy the journey they have joined.

Steve Adams

The band skillfully weaves quirky California soul with shape-shifting explorations, introspective lyrics with sun-soaked funk, all infused with the uplifting vibe that ALO's ever growing legion of fans live for. Many genres have been thrown around to capture what the San Francisco Chronicle ultimately dubbed 'sex-music boogaloo' -- check out some tracks from their new album Fly Between Falls and decide for yourself! Their set list included 'BBQ,' 'Possibly Drown,' 'Freedom Freeze Dance,' 'Possibly Drown,' 'Aliens,' 'Jaden,' 'Kolomana,' 'Never Know What You Want,' 'Busy Killing Time,' 'Heart Of Glass,' 'Shapeshifter,' 'Haji Me Mashde,' 'Plastic Bubble,' 'Walls of Jericho,' and their encore 'Hot Tub'. It is clear that ALO has been influenced by The Band, Steely Dan, and Talking Heads.

Zach Gill

The journey through time will only tell whether or not the band continues its rise, but if it stays on course and remains committed to its mission, then the future will certainly provide a pleasant path for this enjoyable band. Band Website

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