AFI FEST 2004 presented by Audi Presents 135 Films From 42 Countries, 24 World Premieres, 11 North American Premieres, 28 US Premieres

AFI FEST 2004 presented by Audi - the 18th AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival (November 4-14, 2004) -announced the complete line-up of films, and celebrated the recent announcement of a presenting sponsorship agreement with Audi of America, at their annual Launch Party at White Lotus in Hollywood on Wednesday evening. Tickets for the November Festival go on sale to AFI and ArcLight Hollywood members on Monday, October 11, and then to the general public on Friday, October 15. Passes are on sale now.


Headquartered once again at ArcLight Hollywood, the entertainment complex will host much of the international Festival's activity during the 10-day span. Five state-of-the-art theatres on ArcLight's upper floor will present Festival selections all day, while five previously announced red-carpet galas will take over the Cinerama Dome, with a sixth at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

The AFI FEST village will be located in the ArcLight courtyard, directly across from the entrance to all Festival theatres. The AFI FEST village will feature the AFI FEST Box Office providing tickets, updates, Festival service and hospitality counters; the intimate, ultra-hip Cinema Lounge and adaptable party space The Loft, where Festival attendees will meet, mingle and relax between screenings at dozens of meetings, receptions and other special events; the Kodak CONNECT program, where Festival filmmakers will access film professionals directly in hundreds of one-on-one meetings, and the production offices of AFI FEST Daily News, delivered each morning to AFI FEST and AFM locations, offering daily updates on AFI FEST films, people, places and events of the last 24 hours with the latest pictures, news articles and interviews.

New this year, AFI FEST 2004 presented by Audi has established a strategic alliance with the American Film Market (November 3 - 10), creating a festival/market combination unprecedented in North America. Shuttles will be arriving and departing frequently from the ArcLight Hollywood AFI FEST activities and the Santa Monica Loews Hotel, where the American Film Market is headquartered. Both AFM registrants and AFI FEST artists will be afforded various levels of access through a cooperative registration program, and frequent special events will welcome badge holders from both AFI FEST and AFM.

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In addition to the six previously announced red-carpet Galas and the Tribute to Pedro Almodovar, AFI FEST 2004 presented by Audi will screen films in the following sections:

 12 in the Special Screenings

 12 in the International Feature Competition

 12 in the International Documentary Competition

 35 in the International Shorts Competition, comprised of four shorts programs

 10 in American Directions

 12 in European Showcase

 Eight in Asian New Classics

 Eight in the Latin Cinema Series

 Eight in Made in Germany, plus a shorts program


THE ASSASSINATION OF RICHARD NIXON - Sean Penn is mesmerizing as a salesman who slowly becomes unhinged in Richard Nixon's America.  Also starring Naomi Watts, Don Cheadle and Jack Thompson. (DIR Niels Mueller, SCR Niels Mueller, Kevin Kennedy, PROD Alfonso Cuaró¬ Jorge Vergara, USA, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Niels Mueller and actor Don Cheadle expected to attend.


BEREFT - Alone in the haunting beauty of rural Vermont, a beautiful widow in the bloom of her youth is forced to come to terms with the recent loss of her young husband.  An accomplished feature debut from actor/director Tim Daly, starring Vinessa Shaw, Tim Blake Nelson, Marsha Mason and Michael C. Hall.  (DIR Tim Daly, Clark Mathis, SCR Peter Ferland, PROD Tim Daly, Steve Burleigh, EXEC PROD Jeff Offsay, USA, 2004, 35mm) *Director/actor Tim Daly, co-director Clark Mathis and actor Vinessa Shaw expected to attend.


LES CHORISTES - Rebel hearts beat wildly at a boys' school in post-World War II France.  While the stern headmaster advocates strict discipline, Clement Matthieu becomes convinced that choral music will tame and enlighten his unruly charges.  The key is a devilish boy with an angelic voice and an attractive mother. France's official submission for the Best Foreign Language Academy Award (DIR/SCR Christophe Barratier, PROD Jacques Perrin, Arthur Cohn, Nicholas Mauvernay, France, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Christophe Barratier, Producers Jacques Perrin, Nicholas Mauvernay and Arthur Cohn expected to attend.

CHRYSTAL - Billy Bob Thornton plays Joe, who while "being chased by the law" plunges the family car off the road with his beautiful wife Chrystal and their young son inside.  Sixteen years pass, and a damaged Joe returns from prison seeking something he lost on that night. Lisa Blount is Chrystal and writer/director Ray McKinnon co-stars as Snake, a gnarly, crank-smoking drug lord. (DIR Ray McKinnon, PROD Jacques Perrin, Lisa Blount, Walt Goggins, Bruce Heller, David Koplan, Ray McKinnon, USA, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Ray McKinnon and actor Billy Bob Thornton expected to attend.

FAR SIDE OF THE MOON - (US Premiere) The competition between the Soviets and the Americans during the Space Race and memories from childhood and adolescence act as touchstones for this feature film dealing with the theme of reconciliation and the fundamental question, 'Are we alone in the universe'? Canada's official submission for the Best Foreign Language Academy Award. (DIR/SCR Robert Lepage, PROD Bob Krupinski, Mario St-Laurent, EXEC PROD Daniel Langlois, Robert Lepage, Canada, 2003, 35mm) *Director/actor Robert Lepage expected to attend.

THE HEART IS DECEITFUL ABOVE ALL THINGS - (US Premiere) Constantly subjected to new and dangerous environments, a succession of deadbeat surrogate fathers and his mother's descent into speed-fuelled madness, Jeremiah is forced into a desperate struggle to survive and grow. With Asia Argento, Winona Ryder, Peter Fonda and Marilyn Manson.  (DIR Asia Argento, SCR Asia Argento, Alessandro Magania based on the book by J.T. LeRoy PROD Chris Hanley, Alain de la Mata, David Hillary, UK, 2004, 35 mm) *Director/co-writer Asia Argento, producer Chris Hanley, author J.T. LeRoy and cast members expected to attend.



HOTEL RWANDA -  (US Premiere) Under unbelievable pressure, Paul Rusesabagina (Don Cheadle) must devise measures to protect an ever-increasing crowd of desperate refugees in the hotel he manages.  This is the true story of the Rwandan genocide after the world stopped watching. Also starring Sophie Okonedo and Nick Nolte. Winner of the Audience Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. (DIR Terry George, SCR Keir Pearson, Terry George, PROD Terry George, A. Kitman Ho, UK/South Africa/Italy, 35 mm) *Director Terry George, actor Don Cheadle and the real life Paul Rusesabagina expected to attend.

IMAGINARY WITNESS: HOLLYWOOD AND THE HOLOCAUST - With images from contemporary films burned in our minds, it is the lesser-known early images of Nazism in newsreels and film that are so interesting here.  Director Daniel Anker's skillful compilation of historical footage and scenes from rarely-seen films creates a document of social history that shows just how influential Hollywood can be, leaving us to wonder just how responsible Hollywood should be. Documentary (DIR Daniel Anker, PROD Daniel Anker, Ellin Baumel, EXEC PROD Diana Holtzberg, Jan Rofekamp, Jessica Falcon Shreeve, 2004, USA, 35mm)
*Director/Producer Daniel Anker expected to attend.

R/X - (World Premiere) Three friends head across the border to Mexico for a weekend of partying, but Andrew (Eric Balfour) did not share with his girlfriend that he plans to smuggle drugs back in with his best friend Jonny (Colin Hanks).  (DIR Ariel Vroman, SCR Morgan Land, Ariel Vroman PROD Nicholas Simon, Andrew Zamfotis, USA, 2004, 35mm) *Director/co-writer Ariel Vroman and actors Colin Hanks and Eric Balfour expected to attend.

TELL THEM WHO YOU ARE?(US Premiere) The son of acclaimed cinematographer Haskell Wexler confronts his complex father by turning the camera on him.  What results is a portrait of a difficult genius and a path out of the shadow of a famous father. Featuring Haskell Wexler, Mark S. Wexler, Peter Bart, Verna Bloom, Billy Crystal, Julia Roberts, Martin Sheen, Milos Forman, Michael Douglas and Jane Fonda. Documentary (DIR/PROD/DP Mark Wexler, USA, 2004, 35mm) *Director Mark S. Wexler and his father Haskell Wexler expected to attend.

THE WOODSMAN - Kevin Bacon stars as a pedophile seeking to reform his life.  Recently released from prison, he gets a job and begins a tentative romance with a co-worker (Kyra Sedgwick).  But he can't entirely avoid a cloud of suspicion, whether it's from his boss' secretary or a local detective (Mos Def).  (DIR Nicole Kassell, PROD Lee Daniels, EXEC PROD Damon Dash, Kevin Bacon, Brook and Dawn Lenfest, USA, 2003, 35mm) *Producers Lee Daniels and Damon Dash and actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick and expected to attend.

YESTERDAY - (US Premiere) From the director of SARAFINA and CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY, YESTERDAY is the first Zulu-language film ever released internationally. But the film is also a rich tale of a young mother. Yesterday lives with her daughter, Beauty, in rural KwaZulu-Natal.  After being diagnosed with HIV, she is determined to see her daughter enroll in school. South Africa's official submission for the Best Foreign Language Academy Award?. (DIR Darrell James Roodt PROD Anant Singh, Helena Spring DP Michael Brierly, South Africa, 2004, 35mm)


20 FINGERS/BEEST ANGOSH?(North American Premiere) A film in several episodes, with Bijan Daneshmand and Mania Akbari exposing some of the issues of men and women within the confines of tradition and family life in Iran. The film deals with the roots of dependencies, limitations and power struggles?all familiar themes to couples in the Middle East. (DIR/SCR Mania Akbari, PROD Bijan Daneshmand, DP Toraj AslaniaIran, Iran, 2004, 35 mm) *Director/Writer Mania Akbari and producer Bijan Daneshmand expected to attend.
AFTERMATH - (North American Premiere) A recent family tragedy has destroyed everything that held Britt and Claes together, and now they are barely speaking to one another. Even as they drift further apart, Claes is compelled to seek revenge against the woman who caused their misfortune. An intimate directorial debut by noted actress Paprika Steen. (DIR Paprika Steen, SCR Kim Fupz Aakeson, PROD Thomas Heinesen, Denmark, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Paprika Steen expected to attend.

ASTRONAUTS/ASTRONAUTAS - (US Premiere) Determined to make a fresh start, Daniel is 40 years old, has a stupid job and no plans for the future. He feels like an astronaut who happens to meet a 15-year-old girl in his trip towards ?normality.? Writer/director Santi Amodeo casts a compassionate eye upon the seriocomic exploits of Daniel and Laura.  (DIR Santi Amodeo, PROD Jose Antonio Felez, DP Alex Catalan, Spain, 2003, 35 mm) *Director Santi Amodeo expected to attend.

DAYS AND HOURS/KOD AMIDZE IDRIZA - (US Premiere) Pjer Ρlica's debut, FUSE, was an irreverent testament to the ability of the human spirit to maintain a sense of humor amid a terrible war. With DAYS AND HOURS, he has reduced war to its essence?its residual effect on the hearts and minds of those who have lived through it?and turned it into a story about the slow return of normalcy and joy after the conflict. Bosnia's official submission for the Best Foreign Language Academy Award?. (DIR Pjer Zalica, SCR Namik Kabil, PROD Jose Antonio Felez, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Pjer Zalica expected to attend.

DUCK SEASON/TEMPORADA DE PATOS - (US Premiere) Shot in black and white in sprawling Mexico City, Fernando Eimbcke's fresh and stylish first feature explores the relationships that develop when four unlikely characters are brought together by pizza and power outages. (DIR Fernando Eimbcke, PROD Christian Valdelievre, DP Alexis Zabe, Mexico, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Fernando Eimbcke expected to attend.

HANK WILLIAMS FIRST NATION - (World Premiere) Shot on the Woodland Cree First Nation, HANK WILLIAMS FIRST NATION is the story of a sleepy Cree community that is stirred up when an Elder begins to question the death of Hank Williams. Seventy-five-year-old Martin Fox (Jimmy Herman) decides abruptly one morning that before he dies he must visit the grave of his long time hero, Hank Williams. With the support of his younger brother, Adelard Fox, (Gordon Tootoosis) Martin sets out for Tennessee on a Greyhound, accompanied by a 17-year-old nephew along as a guide. (DIR/SCR/PROD Aaron James Sorensen, Canada, 2004, Digibeta)  *Director Aaron James Sorensen expected to attend.

PRODUCING ADULTS/LAPSIA JA AIKUISIA - (US Premiere) Psychologist Venla works at a fertility clinic and yearns for a child. When her boyfriend proves uncooperative, Venla's only option appears to be the millions of sperm samples lying dormant in liquid nitrogen at the clinic. A new friendship with a female doctor, however, opens her mind to other?more enticing?possibilities. Finland's submission for the Best Foreign Language Academy Award? (DIR Aleksi Salmenpera, SCR Pekko Pesonen, PROD Petri Jokiranta, Tero Kaukomaa, Finland/Sweden, 2004, 35 mm) *Actor Kari Pekka Toivonen expected to attend.

REVOLUTION OF PIGS - North American Premiere) In the summer of 1986, hundreds of young people have come to an Estonian summer camp?three days full of adventures, falling in love and partying. But being a totalitarian system, the teens are expected to live within rigid and restrictive frames of proper behavior. Reminiscent of WOODSTOCK and MEATBALLS, REVOLUTION OF PIGS demonstrates that summer camp is the perfect place for a revolution. (DIR Jaak Kilmi, Rene Reinumagi, PROD Anu Veermae, Kaido Veermae, DP Arko Okk, Estonia/Finland, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Rene Reinumagi expected to attend.

SOMERSAULT - (US Premiere) Cate Shortland's first feature is an evocative and patient meditation on a young woman's difficult coming-of-age. The soundtrack by the genre-defying experimental group Decoder Ring lends an otherworldly yet visceral feel to the film. SOMERSAULT is at once unsettling and beautiful. (DIR/SCR Cate Shortland, PROD Anthony Anderson, DP Robert Humphreys, Australia, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Cate Shortland expected to attend.

SWEET JAM/CONFITUUR - (North American Premiere) Tuur and his wife, Emma, are celebrating their 50th anniversary when Tuur decides to leave everything?home, business and wife. He stubbornly waits for Emma to beg for his return; meanwhile, Emma is finally leading her own life. A bittersweet, gently funny film from the director of PAULINE AND PAULETTE. (DIR Lieven Debrauwer, SCR Jacques Boon, Lieven Debrauwer, PROD Dominique Janne, Belgium, 2004, 35 mm) * Director/Co-Writer Lieven Debrauwer expected to attend.

SYMMETRY/SYMETRIA - (US Premiere) Lukasz is young, educated, mild-mannered?and falsely accused of assault by a mentally unbalanced woman. Placed in custody awaiting trial, Lukasz' personality is quickly threatened with complete transformation due to the prison's pervasive code of criminal ethics. The decisive moment arrives when a child molester is assigned as his cellmate. (DIR Konrad Niewolski, PROD Em Jolanta Dobosz, DP Arkadiusz Tomiak, Poland, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Konrad Niewolski expected to attend.

ZULU LOVE LETTER - (US Premiere) Ten years since the last vestiges of apartheid's political regime were dismantled, ZULU LOVE LETTER is one of the passionate new works of South Africa's emerging black filmmakers. The film is an emotional tour de force, a complex picture of a soul in torment, told from the intimate perspective of the left-behind women?those charged with raising the next generation.  (DIR Ramadan Suleman, SCR Bhekizizwe Peterson, Ramadan Suleman, PROD Jacques Bidou, Bhekizizwe Peterson, South Africa/France, 2004, 35 mm) *Director/Co-Writer Ramadan Suleman expected to attend.


THE ART AND CRIMES OF RON ENGLISH?(World Premiere) Shot entirely guerrilla style, this film chronicles the evolution of an artist who has offered up an alternative universe where nothing is sacred, everything is subverted and there is always room for a little good-natured fun, especially when it comes to billboards. (DIR/PROD Pedro Carvajal, USA, 2004, Digibeta) *Director Pedro Carvajal expected to attend.

THE BIG QUESTION?(World Premiere) On the set of Mel Gibson's THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, two Italian actors in the film are asking THE BIG QUESTION, and luckily for us, they decided to film it, posing direct questions about belief, God and religion to a sampling of people in and around the set. While many of the interviewees are in their characters' costumes, the two directors move with a spirit completely detached from the film, which is not mentioned even once within the documentary. The answers are sometimes unexpected and often thought provoking. (DIR/PROD Francesco Cabras, Alberto Molinari, SCR Francesco Cabras, Italy, 2004, DigiBeta) *Directors/Producers Francesco Cabras and Alberto Molinari expected to attend.

CZECH DREAM/CESKY SEN?(US Premiere) CZECH DREAM is a provocative and hilarious look at the effects of rampant consumerism on a post-communist society. The film documents the large-scale consumer hoax of the grand opening of Hypermarket, the mega-store for a better life, exploring the psychological and manipulative powers of consumerism in all its perversity, by creating an ad campaign for something that doesn't exist. (DIR/SCR/PROD Vit Klusak, Filip Remunda, Czech Republic, 2004, 35 mm) *Directors/Writers Filip Remunda and Vit Klusak expected to attend.

GAY REPUBLICANS?(World Premiere) After years of relative obscurity, Log Cabin?the Gay Republicans club?has found itself in the national spotlight.  George Bush's unequivocal opposition to gay marriage put them at the forefront of one of the most hotly contested elections in years. Through their eyes, we look at the gay marriage debate, the growth of the Religious Right and the internal conflicts of the Log Cabin, as they battle through this election year, torn between whether or not to support President Bush. (DIR/SCR Wash Westmoreland, PROD Anne Clements, EXEC PROD Fenton, Randy Barbato, USA, 2004, Digibeta) *Director/Writer Wash Westmoreland expected to attend.

GUERILLA: THE TAKING OF PATTY HEARST?It's a great fictional premise?a prominent teen heiress is kidnapped by revolutionaries, converts to their cause and picks up a machine gun?except it's all true. Through the use of archival media coverage and new interviews, GUERILLA is a coolly dissected, unprecedented and thoroughly fascinating account of the most notorious domestic terrorists in American history. (DIR/PROD Robert Stone, EXEC PROD Nick Fraser, USA, 2003, 35 mm) *Director/Producer Robert Stone expected to attend.

LET'S ROCK AGAIN!?At the close of 2002, the world lost rock icon Joe Strummer to a congenital heart condition. LET'S ROCK AGAIN! is his final message, featuring live performances and feature songs from The Clash, as well as material written with his new band, the Mescaleros, on his comeback trail.  LET'S ROCK AGAIN! is a one-hour intimate music documentary following Strummer as he tours across America and Japan, directed by close friend Dick Rude. (DIR Dick Rude, PROD Joe Strummer, Lucinda Strummer, Dick Rude, USA, 2004, Beta SP) *Director Dick Rude expected to attend.

MUSICA CUBANA?(US Premiere) Taxi driver Barbaro picks up the maestro, 85-year-old Pio Leiva, one of the stars of BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB, who is late for a radio show. On the ride over, the two decide to put together a band with some of the best and most acclaimed young musicians living in Cuba today. The film documents the new band searching for their own voice, through the rehearsal and recording of classic Cuban songs, culminating in a huge concert in Tokyo where THE SONS OF CUBA is finally born. (DIR German Kral, PROD John G. Phelan, Claus Clausen, EXEC PROD Wim Wenders, Franz Landerer, Guido DeAngelis, Karstenh Brunig, Germany, 2004, 35 mm)
*Director German Kral expected to attend.

THE OTHER SIDE OF AIDS?Award-winning filmmaker Robin Scovill takes a bold look outside the headlines and into the heart of a brewing controversy over whether or not HIV causes AIDS. After more than 20 years and $150 billion in federally funded research, why are we still without an AIDS vaccine and no closer to a cure? Through candid investigative interviews with doctors, researchers and HIV-positives, this film presents a provocative view of a 20-year-old system that will shock, enlighten and ultimately inspire.  (DIR/SCR/DP/ED Robin Scovill, PROD Robin Scovill, EXEC PROD Robert Leppo, USA, 2004, Beta SP) *Director/Producer Robin Scovill expected to attend.

ROCK FRESH?(World Premiere) Featuring Kofie, Axis, Clae, Trixter, Dye 5, Tyer, JoJo, Gacha and Chase, ROCK FRESH is an electrifying documentary on the evolution and world of the graffiti artist. Journey through the buzzing underground art world?from live graffiti battles and gallery showcases, to underground parties and late night bombing sessions, to Hollywood alleyways and Tokyo skyscrapers. Learn what it takes to ROCK FRESH. (DIR/SCR/PROD Danny Lee, USA, 2004, Digibeta) *Director/Producer/Writer Danny Lee expected to attend.

SEOUL TRAIN?(World Premiere) Featuring riveting footage of a secretive "underground railroad," SEOUL TRAIN is a gripping exposé ©nto the life-and-death struggles of North Koreans as they try to escape their homeland. Through personal stories and expert interviews, the film also delves into the complex geopolitics behind this growing humanitarian crisis. (DIR Jim Butterworth, Lisa Sleeth, Aaron Lubarsky, PROD Jim Butterworth, Lisa Sleeth, USA/China/South Korea, 2004, Digibeta) *Directors Jim Butterworth, Lisa Sleeth and Aaron Lubarsky expected to attend.

THE TAKE?In suburban Buenos Aires, 30 unemployed auto-parts workers walk into their idle factory, roll out sleeping mats and refuse to leave. All they want is to re-start the silent machines. But this simple act?the 'take'?threatens to turn the globalization debate on its head. Director Avi Lewis (COUNTERSPIN) and writer Naomi Klein (NO LOGO) take viewers inside the lives of ordinary visionaries, as they reclaim their work, their dignity and their democracy. (DIR Avi Lewis, SCR Naomi Klein, PROD Avi Lewis, Naomi Klein, Canada, 2004, Beta SP) *Director Avi Lewis expected to attend.

VOODOO, MOUNTED BY THE GODS?(World Premiere) In 1988, photojournalist Alberto Venzago crosses West Africa on an aged Vespa. It breaks down in the town of Ouidah, right in front of a Voodoo cloister. A man appears and offers to help. He is one of the most powerful Voodoo priests in Africa. Wim Wenders presents this amazing film of Venzago's work, as he films secret Voodoo ceremonies and sacrificial rituals, in a way they have never before been captured on film. (DIR Alberto Venzago, SCR Kit Hopkins, PROD Jurgen Biefang, Alberto Venzago, Wim Wenders, Benin/Germany/Switzerland, 2003, 35 mm)

(Shown at Los Angeles Film School, 6363 Sunset Blvd.)

CLEAN?World Premiere, USA/Spain, DIR David Palmer
THE GOD?Russia, DIR Konstantin Brozit
LONG STORY SHORT?World Premiere, USA, DIR Simbiat Hall
PHYSICS II?North American Premiere, Spain, DIR Daniel Sanchez Arevalo
VE TOOL?Kuwait/USA, DIR Vachan Sharma

THE ACT?World Premiere, USA, DIR Pi Ware & Susan Kraker
CONSENT?USA, DIR Jason Reitman
THE COST OF BREAD?World Premiere, USA/Italy, DIR Lucia Grillo
DOES GOD PLAY FOOTBALL?? Scotland, DIR Michael Walker
OUR TIME IS UP?USA, DIR Rob Pearlstein
TWO CARS, ONE NIGHT?New Zealand, DIR Taika Waititi
WET FUR?USA, DIR Kristina Robbins-Higgins

THE AUCTION?USA/Italy, DIR Carlo Sansonetti
THE BALLOON?USA/Spain, DIR Satinder Singh
DEATH OF A MINOR CHARACTER?World Premiere, USA, DIR George Langworthy
GYPPO?UK, DIR Chloe Thomas
RAVE AGAINST THE MACHINE?UK/Bosnia/Herzegovina, DIR Richard Rudy, James Harvey, Steve Riley, Holly Lubbock
THE RULES OF FLYING?North American Premiere, Netherlands, DIR Eugenie Jansen
SHADI IN THE BEAUTIFUL WELL?Wales/Denmark/Lebanon, DIR Mahdi Fleifel

CODENAME: SIMON?World Premiere, USA, DIR Graham Tallman
GENISIS 3:19?Mexico, DIR Dany Saadia
LSD A GO GO?USA. DIR Scott Calonico
ONE WEEKEND A MONTH?World Premiere, USA, Eric Escobar
REFUND?USA, DIR Chris Hutchinson
RYAN?Canada, DIR Chris Landreth
SHARDS?World Premiere, USA, DIR Jonathan Levine


DIAS DE SANTIAGO?(North American Premiere) Told with a unique visual style and emotional depth, director Josue Mendez' DIAS DE SANTIAGO tells the story of 23-year-old war veteran Santiago Roman, who is back in Lima after spending six years fighting terrorists, the Peruvian drug mafia and a nationalist war against Ecuador. He belongs to a lost generation obliged to pay for the government's mistakes. (DIR/SCR Josue Mendez, PROD Enid Campos, Peru, 2004,35 mm) *Director/Writer Josue Mendez expected to attend.

INNOCENT VOICES?(US Premiere) Director Luis Mandoki returns to his gritty, political filmmaking roots with INNOCENT VOICES. Weakened by two years of fighting, the army of El Salvador has been forced to replenish its ranks with the nation's young boys, most of whom are kidnapped in sudden and terrifying village raids. INNOCENT VOICES is a resounding celebration of the small acts of resistance performed by ordinary citizens. Mexico's submission for the Best Foreign Language Academy Award? (DIR Luis Mandoki, SCR Oscar Torres, Luis Mandoki, Mexico, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Luis Mandoki expected to attend.

MACHUCA?(US Premiere) As devastating political and social changes begin to sweep Chile in 1973, two boys from vastly different economic backgrounds are brought together through an idealistic school initiative. Their budding friendship includes an attraction to a spirited girl, but powerful forces beyond their control threaten to tear them apart. Chile's official submission for the Best Foreign Language Academy Award? (DIR Andres Wood, SCR Roberto Brodsky, Mamoun Hassan, Andres Wood, Chile/Spain/France, 2004, 35 mm) *Director/Co-Writer Andres Wood expected to attend.

MALACHANCE?(World Premiere) From Mexican director Gerardo Naranjo, MALACHANCE is the story of a young and nostalgic pill seller who gets to know a different kind of life when he escapes the streets of New Orleans and runs away to Coney Island with a stolen personality. Finally, he gets to taste the life he always dreamed of. (DIR/SCR Gerardo Naranjo, PROD Linda Sena, Karina Pyudik, David Selig, Gerardo Naranjo, USA/Mexico, 2004, Digibeta) *Director/Writer Gerardo Naranjo expected to attend.

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET/O OUTRO LADO DA RUA?Regina (Fernanda Montenegro, CENTRAL STATION) volunteers as an informant for the police, keeping constant watch on her neighborhood. When her report of a murder is ignored, she takes matters into her own hands. Before she knows it, Regina is emotionally involved with her suspect and re-examining her life.  (DIR Marcos Bernstein, SCR Melanie Dimantas, Marcos Bernstein, Brazil/France, 2003, 35 mm) *Director/Co-Writer Marcos Bernstein expected to attend.
THE RABBIT ON THE MOON/EL CONEJO EN LA LUNA?(World Premiere) Kidnapping was not enough, so they kidnapped the nation. With an international cast including Bruno Bichir, Lorraine Pilkington, Jesus Ochoa and Adam Kotz, this political thriller tells the story of a young Mexican-British couple who are framed in the assassination of a Federal Mexican Minister. The real killers are the most powerful government officials in Mexico. (DIR/SCR Jorge Ramirez-Suarez, PROD Phil Hunt, Greg Cruttwell, Jorge Ramirez-Suarez, Mexico/UK, 2004, 35 mm) *Director/Writer Jorge Ramirez-Suarez expected to attend.

ROLLING FAMILY/FAMILIA RODANTE?CRANE WORLD, Pablo Trapero's debut, was the first film of the New Argentine Cinema to receive international recognition and bring attention to the stylistic inventiveness of this burgeoning movement. His latest film, ROLLING FAMILY, is part family drama, part road movie. This wonderful comedy works because of its austere, minimalist storytelling, exposing very pointed observations about families and life's difficulties. (DIR/SCR Pablo Trapero, PROD Pablo Trapero, Donald Ranvaud, Robert Bevan, Argentina/Spain/ France/Germany/Brazil, 2004, 35 mm) *Director/Writer Pablo Trapero expected to attend.

SECUESTRO EXPRESS?(World Premiere) Every 60 seconds, someone is abducted in Latin America. Seventy percent of the victims do not survive. KIDNAP EXPRESS is the frightening story of one young couple's ordeal, as they careen through the underbelly of Caracas, Venezuela, in the hands of three thugs who've made them their latest payday. (DIR/SCR Jonathan Jakubowicz, PROD Sandra Condito, Salomon Jakubowicz, Jonathan Jakubowicz, Venezuela, 2004, 35 mm) *Director/Writer Jonathan Jakubowicz and producer Sandra Condito are expected to attend.


BRIDE AND PREJUDICE: THE BOLLYWOOD MUSICAL?Smart, headstrong Lalita (Aishwarya Rai) announces she will only marry for love, giving her mother nightmares. Then Lalita meets wealthy American Will Darcy (Martin Henderson) and sparks fly. But is it love or hate? Gurinder Chadha (BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM) transplants Jane Austen to India, with vastly entertaining results. (DIR Gurinder Chadha, SCR Paul Mayeda Berges, Gurinder Chadha, UK, 2004, 35 mm) *Director/Co-Writer Gurinder Chadha expected to attend.

CAMPFIRE/MEDURAT?Set in 1981, Rachel, mother of two beautiful teenage daughters, wants to join the founding group of a new religious settlement in the West Bank. But they won't accept her until she remarries and proves that she and her daughters can meet the group's standards. Yossi, a 50-year-old bachelor and the new man in Rachel's life, shows her that living as an outcast is not as bad as it seems. From the director of TIME OF FAVOR comes CAMPFIRE, a story of one woman's personal battle, but also a portrait of a political movement that has forever affected millions of lives in the Middle East. Israel's official submission for the Best Foreign Language Academy Award?. (DIR/SCR Joseph Cedar, PROD David Mandil, Eyal Shiray, Israel, 2004, 35 mm) *Director/Writer Joseph Cedar expected to attend.

INFERNAL AFFAIRS I/WU JIAN DAO?A cop and a gang member are assigned to catch each other. Sound simple? Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai star in this incredibly tense thriller that turns the game of cat and mouse on its head, even as its characters are haunted by desperation and sadness. (DIR Andrew Lau, Alan Mak, SCR Alan Mak, Felix Chong, Hong Kong, 2002, 35 mm) *Director Andrew Lau expected to attend.

INFERNAL AFFAIRS II/WI JIAN DAO 2?The prequel to Hong Kong's most popular movie of the past five years tells about two desperate criminal families battling each other and the police for control of the city. Anthony Wong, Eric Tsang and Francis Ng lead an all-star cast in this intimate epic. (DIR Andrew Lau, Alan Mak, SCR Alan Mak, Felix Chong, Hong Kong, 2003, 35 mm) *Director Andrew Lau expected to attend.

INFERNAL AFFAIRS III/WU JIAN DAO 3?Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai return in the final chapter of the award-winning saga. The events of the first film are both anticipated and deconstructed with a moody, meditative lens that encompasses surprising action, brief moments of joy and the search for eternal redemption. (DIR Andrew Lau, Alan Mak, SCR Alan Mak, Felix Chong, Hong Kong, 2003, 35 mm) *Director Andrew Lau expected to attend.

KOMA?(North American Premiere) Organ thieves and a bitter love triangle commingle with shocking effect in this late night-thriller that will have you looking over your shoulder and double-locking your doors. Dynamic performances by rising stars Karena Lam and Angelica Lee and very fine direction add substance to the jolts. (DIR Lo Chi Leung, SCR Susan Chan, Hong Kong, 2004, 35 mm)

ONG BAK: THAI WARRIOR?You will believe a man can fly (no, really). Eschewing CGI and mechanical assistance of any kind, Tony Jaa kicks, punches and leaps his way through one breathless action sequence after another, all to reclaim a sacred icon stolen from his village. Jackie Chan, you may now retire. (DIR Prachya Pinkaew, SCR Prachya Pinkaew, Panna Rittikrai, Thailand, 2003, 35 mm) *Director/Co-Writer Prachya Pinkaew expected to attend.

RAHTREE: FLOWER OF THE NIGHT/BUPHA RATE?Horror and black comedy collide in this unique blend of the mirthful and macabre. Shy university student Buphan Rahtree succumbs to the charms of a rich and handsome playboy, who promptly abandons her when she gets pregnant. She resolves to exact revenge, even if she has to die to get it. (DIR/SCR Yuthlert Sippapak, PROD Amorn Chanapai, Yuthlert Sippapak, Thailand, 2004, 35 mm) *Director/Writer Yuthlert Sippapak expected to attend.


AE FOND KISS?(US Premiere) Director Ken Loach's (SWEET SIXTEEN, BREAD AND ROSES) latest film is the story of Casim, a second generation Pakistani from Glasgow who is working as a DJ and dreams of buying his own club. His parents are devout Muslims and plan for him to marry his beautiful cousin, who is soon to arrive in the UK. Casim meets Roisin, a Catholic music teacher, and they soon fall deeply in love. But the repercussions of the scandal reach far. (DIR Ken Loach, SCR Paul Laverty, UK/ITALY/GERMANY/SPAIN, 2004, 35 mm)

DAYBREAK/OM JAG VANDER MIG OM?(North American Premiere) One night proves to be the longest and most dramatic in the lives of three families. Agnes and Rickard must deal with the news of one's infidelity. Anders must decide if a tempting job offer is worth losing his wife and children. Anita confronts her ex-husband and his new young wife.  (DIR Bjorn Runge, SCR Bjorn Runge, Sweden/Denmark, 2003, 35 mm) *Director/Writer Bjorn Runge expected to attend.

EYES OF THE NIGHT/MATIA APO NICHTA?(US Premiere) A beautiful story about loneliness, time and love. Chrionis, a 45-year-old truck driver who likes taking off and traveling alone, is dating 40-year-old Eleftheria, who wants him to love her and settle down, take in Vallia, who wants to leave the country town she lives in, and move to Athens. (DIR/SCR Pericles Hoursoglou, PROD Costas Lambropoulos, Greece, 2003, 35 mm) *Director/Writer Pericles Hoursoglou expected to attend.

FERPECT CRIME/CRIMEN FERPECTO?(US Premiere) Alex de la Iglesia's new comedy, A FERPECT CRIME, is an uproarious and politically incorrect parody of the distance between the idealized perceptions we have of ourselves and the cruel reality. Rafael (Guillermo Toledo) is a suave Don Juan-type who works in the women's section of the department store where he was born. (DIR Alex de la Iglesia, SCR Jorge Guerricaechevarr"¡¬ Alex de la Iglesia, Spain/Italy, 2004, 35 mm) *Director/Co-Writer Alex de la Iglesia expected to attend.

FROZEN?(North American Premiere) Starring Shirley Henderson, FROZEN is the story of Kath, still haunted by the need to know what happened to her sister. It's been two years since her mysterious disappearance. Visiting the spot where Annie was last seen, Kath believes she has found a gateway to a place in which her sister is still alive. Has Kath really found access to the afterlife? Or is she losing her grip on reality. (DIR/SCR Juliet McKoen, PROD Mark Lavender, UK, 2003, 35 mm) *Director/Writer Juliet McKoen expected to attend.

THE GREAT WATER/GOLEMATA VODA?(World Premiere) Left alone after World War II, young Lem is forcibly delivered to an orphanage. What should be a place of refuge actually proves to be a harsh labor camp, where the children are indoctrinated with Communist ideology. A ray of hope appears with the arrival of a mysterious, rebellious boy. Macedonia's official submission for the Best Foreign Language Academy Award?. (DIR Ivo Trajkov, SCR Vladimir Blazevski, Ivo Trajkov, Republic of Macedonia, 2004, 35 mm) *Director/Co-Writer Ivo Trajkov expected to attend.

KONTROLL?Step out of the ordinary and enter the subterranean world of a strange young man and his fellow ticket inspectors. With the texture of a fable and the bite of reality, Nimrod Antal creates a comic nocturnal dream world in which both passengers and trains race heedlessly through the night. Hungary's official submission for Best Foreign Language Academy Award? (DIR Nimrod Antal, SCR Nimrod Antal, Hungary, 2004, 35 mm) *Director/Writer Nimrod Antal expected to attend.

LITTLE GIRL BLUE?(US Premiere) Thirteen-year-old Sandra isn't happy to be the new girl in town, but then she falls in love with Mike, the boy next door. Everything is perfect until they witness Mike's mother having an affair. Not sure who to tell or who to stand behind, director Anna Luif's film unfolds perfectly as each moment of Sandra's world is upturned. (DIR Anna Luif, SCR Anna Luif, Micha Lewinsky, Switzerland/Germany, 2003, 35 mm) *Director/Co-Writer Anna Luif expected to attend.

MY STEP BROTHER FRANKENSTEIN/MOJ SVODNYJ BRAT FRANKENSTEIN?(US Premiere) Baring the physical and emotional devastation suffered by soldiers of the war in Chechnya, MY STEP BROTHER FRANKENSTEIN is a social-psychological drama about a family disrupted by the existence of a lost son, Pavel, missing an eye and more than half his wits, bringing with him a war into their house. (DIR Valery Todorovsky, SCR Gennady Ostrovsky, Russia, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Valery Todorovsky expected to attend.

NOTRE MUSIQUE?Godard's work has always functioned as a provocation. Describing and structuring his new work as a film in three parts?Hell, Purgatory and Paradise?Jean-Luc Godard uses Dante's Inferno as a point of departure to muse on one of the director's primary obsessions?the vagaries of the contemporary world. (DIR/SCR Jean-Luc Godard, PROD Alain Sarde, Ruth Waldburger, Switzerland/France, 2004, 35 mm)

OMAGH?(US Premiere) The Omagh bombing in 1998 in Ireland was a confused mess that turned into a disaster. A misinterpreted warning call led police to herd people towards the bomb. OMAGH portrays the families of innocent victims in a manner that speaks to anyone who can imagine the loss of a son, daughter, husband or wife in an act of senseless violence. (DIR Pete Travis, SCR Guy Hibbert, Paul Greengrass, Ireland/UK, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Pete Travis expected to attend.

SOUTH/HET ZUIDEN?(US Premiere) SOUTH is an intense psychological drama from the Dutch director Martin Koolhoven (THE CAVE, AMNESIA). Martje is the successful manager of a laundry, but has no social life. Everything changes when new driver Lou shows up for work. After a humiliating incident, her employers imprison the man she loves. She does not stop them, and, torn by her extreme emotions, she slowly drifts away from reality. (DIR Martin Koolhoven, SCR Mieke de Jong, Netherlands, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Martin Koolhoven expected to attend.




BLACKBALLED: THE BOBBY DUKES STORY?Ten years after paintball legend Bobby Dukes is accused of cheating, he's making a comeback, seeking forgiveness and a trophy. Rob Corddry (THE DAILY SHOW) stars in this absurd, hilarious, improvised comedy, featuring an oddball collection of lovable characters. (DIR Brant Sersen, SCR Brant Sersen, Brian Steinberg, USA, 2004, Digibeta) *Director Brant Sersen expected to attend.

THE DEAL?(World Premiere) In the fast-paced world of international oil trading, a rising executive struggles to maintain his integrity as government secrecy, millions of dollars, Russian gangsters and the future of his company come into play. With Christian Slater, Selma Blair, Robert Loggia, Colm Feore, Angie Harmon and John Heard. (DIR Harvey Kahn, SCR Ruth Epstein, USA, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Harvey Kahn and actors Christian Slater and Selma Blair expected to attend.

DOWNTOWN: A STREET TALE ?(World Premiere) Every city has its downtown, and every downtown has its street tale. Forgotten by society, a diverse group of street kids lives far from the dreams and aspirations of the rest of the world. With Genevieve Bujold, Joey Dedio, Burt Young, John Savage and an engaging cast of newcomers. (DIR Rafal Zielinski SCR Joey Dedio, USA, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Rafal Zielinski and writer Joey Dedio expected to attend.
ETHAN MAO?(World Premiere) A psychological thriller, a familial drama and a surprising love story all rolled into one under the assured direction of Quentin Lee. Kicked out of his house because he's gay, Ethan returns in secret to collect a few prized possessions. An angry confrontation results in Ethan taking the family hostage. (DIR/SCR Quentin Lee, PROD Stanley Yung, Quentin Lee, USA/Canada, 2004, 35 mm) *Director/Writer Quentin Lee expected to attend.

INDOCUMENTADOS?(World Premiere) From a father desperate to be reunited with his family, to a lawyer and a priest who persistently try to help despite overwhelming obstacles, INDOCUMENTADOS portrays the everyday travails of ordinary people who just happen to be undocumented aliens. Strikingly shot by director Leonardo Ricagni on the streets of New York. (DIR/SCR Leonardo Ricagni, PROD Miggel CO PROD Chris Romano, Nicolas Aznarez, USA/Uruguay, 2004, Digibeta) *Director/Writer Leonardo Ricagni expected to attend.

INVITATION TO A SUICIDE?(World Premiere) In the tradition of absurdist black comedies, like the classic HAROLD AND MAUDE, INVITATION TO A SUICIDE is an invigorating black comedy about a man selling tickets to his own suicide to save his father's life. (DIR/SCR/PROD Loren Marsh, DP Christopher Norr, USA, 2004, Digibeta) *Director Loren Marsh expected to attend.

A LEAGUE OF ORDINARY GENTLEMEN?If you think professional bowling is a joke, then you're probably not alone, but don't tell that to the likes of Peter Webber and Walter Ray Williams. A LEAGUE OF ORDINARY GENTLEMEN takes an in-depth, often comical, look at professional bowling, its surprising history and its recent bid for resurgence, with an endearing and eccentric cast of characters. (DIR Christopher Browne, PROD Wilhelmus Bryan, Alex H. Browne, USA, 2004, Digibeta) *Director Christopher Browne expected to attend.

MY TINY UNIVERSE?(World Premiere) A dark comedy starring John Heard, Lesley Ann Warren, Debi Mazar and Andy Comeau, MY TINY UNIVERSE revolves around Bobby, a film producer whose life spirals into a personal hell when an actor finds his cell phone. (DIR/SCR Glen Scantlebury, Lucy Phillips, PROD Lucy Phillips, USA, 2004, 35 mm) *Directors/Writers Glen Scantlebury and Lucy Phillips expected to attend.

A PANTHER IN AFRICA?More than 30 years ago, a young Black Panther, Pete O'Neal, was arrested on false charges. He fled to Tanzania, where he started an intercontinental cultural exchange program for underprivileged youths. Today, he remains a man living between two worlds?America and Africa, his radical past and his uncertain future. O'Neal is one of the last American exiles from an era when activists considered themselves at war with the US government. (DIR/PROD/ED Aaron Matthews, DP Wayne De La Roche, Aaron Matthews, Tanzania/USA, 2004, Digibeta) *Director Aaron Matthews expected to attend.

SPEAK?In SPEAK, her exquisite first feature based on a best-selling young adult novel, Jessica Sharzer delivers a cathartic, tragicomic high school drama about the experience of being profoundly misunderstood. Kristen Stewart plays the shell-shocked, ostracized teen heroine who loses, and then rediscovers, her voice. (DIR Jessica Sharzer, SCR Jessica Sharzer, Annie Young, USA, 2004, Digibeta) *Director/Co-Writer Jessica Sharzer expected to attend.


CALLING HEDY LAMARR?Seventy years ago, young Hedy Lamarr caused a sensation in the erotically charged ECSTASY. Her beauty and acting prowess led to a Hollywood career that spanned more than two decades but ended in frustration. Director Georg Misch examines a fascinating life shrouded in myth and invention. (DIR/SCR Georg Misch, PROD Gunter Hanfgarn, Ralph Wieser, Martin Rosenbaum, Georg Misch, Anthony Loder, Germany/Austria, 2004, Digibeta) *Director/Writer Georg Misch expected to attend.

HEAD ON/GEGEN DIE WAND?Electrifying performances by Birol Unel and Sibel Kekilli super-charge this uncompromising drama. Cahit has anguished for years and wants to die, while Sibel fakes a suicide attempt to escape from her religiously devout family. Amazingly, they end up married?sharing an apartment but little else?until romance enters the picture. (DIR/SCR Fatih Akin, PROD Stefan Schubert, Ralph Schwingel, Germany, 2004, 35 mm)
*Director/Writer Fatih Akin expected to attend.

THE NOMI SONG?He came from outer space to save the human race. Looks like an alien, sings like a diva?Klaus Nomi was one of the 1980s most profoundly bizarre appearances. He was a cult figure in the New Wave Underground scene, and his "look" was so strong that his audiences went wild before he even opened his mouth. On the verge of international fame as a singer, he became one of the first prominent artists to die of AIDS. His appeal is not easy to explain in words. He has to be seen?and heard?to be believed. Winner of the Teddy Award for Best Documentary at the Berlin Film Festival. (DIR/SCR Andrew Horn, PROD Thomas Mertens, Annette Pisacane, Andrew Horn, Germany, 2004, 35 mm) *Director/Writer Andrew Horn expected to attend.

PEAS AT 5:30/ERBSEN AUF HALB 6?(US Premiere) When Jakob is in a car accident and severs his optic nerve, he is suddenly enveloped in darkness. Lilly, who was blinded as a small child, comes to help him get used to living in the dark. Although Lily is engaged to another man and has never really left her town, she decides to help Jakob go across the country to see his mother. They jump into a journey into the unknown together. PEAS AT 5:30 is ultimately a story about lovers who can't see each other. (DIR Lars Buechel, SCR Ruth Toma, Lars Buechel, Germany, 2004, 35 mm) *Director/Co-Writer Lars Buechel expected to attend.

QUIET AS A MOUSE?As the press notes put it: "God is dead, the world is a terrible place, and, because of the desperate need for improvement, people like Mux are crucial." Mux has taken it upon himself to capture citizens on videotape committing their crimes?jaywalking, littering?then berating (and more) these social miscreants. (DIR Marcus Mittermeier, SCR Jan Henrik Stahlberg, Germany, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Marcus Mittermeier expected to attend.

RHYTHM IS IT! ?Chronicling five months of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and their new conductor, Sir Simon Rattle, as they put on a dance spectacle, based on Igor Stravinsky's Le sacre du printemps, RHYTHM IS IT! brings together 250 Berlin children, as well as other young people from 25 nations and a wide variety of social and cultural backgrounds. (DIR Thomas Grube, Enrique Sanchez Lansch, PROD Uwe Dierks, Andrea Thilo, Thomas Grube, Germany, 2004, 35 mm) *Directors Thomas Grube and Enrique Sanchez Lansch and producer Uwe Dierks expected to attend.

SECOND HAND CHILD/WER KUSST SCHON EINEN LEGUAN?(US Premiere) Tobias is 13. Up until now, life hasn't treated him so well. He doesn't know who his father is, and his mother is having trouble coping with her own life. When Max, a free-spirited traveler, moves into an apartment in Tobias' building with his pet iguana, Tobias fantasizes about having a dad like Max and a pet iguana. Winner of the European Children Film Prize. (DIR Karola Hattop, SCR Michael Demuth, Germany, 2003, Beta SP) *Screenwriter Michael Demuth expected to attend.

SOUNDLESS/LAUTLOS?Professional killer Viktor has always carried out his work with ice-cold precision. But when he saves the life of mysterious Nina and falls in love, Viktor's well-ordered life begins to fall apart, and soon a police profiler is hot on his trail. Should he risk everything and tell Nina his true identity? (DIR Mennan Yapo, SCR Lars-Olav Beier, Germany, 2004, 35 mm) *Director Mennan Yapo expected to attend.

(Shown at Los Angeles Film School, 6363 Sunset Blvd.)
MY PARENTS?Germany, DIR Neele Leana Vollmar
NINTH NOVEMBER NIGHT?Germany, DIR Henning Lohner
SIMONE'S LABYRINTH?Germany/Spain, DIR Ivan Sainz-Pardo
THE SUBTLE DISTINCTION?Germany, DIR Markus Matschke, Sven Fagle
THE SURPRISE?Germany, DIR Lancelot von Naso
TANGO IN THE AIR?North American Premiere, Germany, DIR Chris Roth
WOMAN BELOW THE ICE?North American Premiere, Germany, DIR Alla Churikova

Now in its 18th year, AFI FEST presented by Audi?the AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival?is the longest-running film festival in Los Angeles and one of the most influential film festivals in North America. A program of the American Film Institute, AFI FEST spans 10 days each November, featuring international competitions of new feature films, documentaries and shorts from emerging filmmakers, global showcases of the latest work from the great film masters and nightly red-carpet gala premieres.

AFI FEST 2004 presented by Audi is sponsored in part by American Airlines, ArcLight Hollywood, Absolut Raspberri Vodka, Best Buy, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Philips Electronics, Eastman Kodak Company and Midway Car Rental.

AFI FEST 2004 presented by Audi is supported in part by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, as well as the Cultural Affairs Department of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Sign Trust.  AFI FEST 2004 presented by Audi is proud to continue its collaborative partnership with the Skirball Cultural Center.  Made in Germany is made possible through the cooperation and support of the German Film Services + Marketing GMBH.  The New Faces In European Cinema and European Film Showcase programs are made possible through an alliance of European Film Promotion and the Consulates General of the participating European countries.

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AFI advances film, television and other forms of the moving image through innovation in education and the recognition of excellence. AFI trains the next generation of filmmakers at its world-renowned Conservatory, maintains America's film heritage through the AFI Catalog of Feature Films and explores new digital technologies in moviemaking through AFI's New Media Ventures. As the largest nonprofit exhibitor in the US, AFI ON SCREEN offers year-round programming at the ArcLight Hollywood and the annual AFI FEST presented by Audi?The Los Angeles International Film Festival; at the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Silver Spring, Maryland?including the annual SILVERDOCS: AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Festival?and at the AFI National Film Theater at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. The annual almanac for the 21st century, AFI AWARDS honors the most outstanding motion pictures and television programs of the year, while AFI's 100 Years . . . series has ignited extraordinary public interest in classic American movies. And, during the past 32 years, AFI's Life Achievement Award has become the highest honor for a career in film. Additional information about AFI is available at

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