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LA is one of the biggest and most instantly recognizable cities in the United States. And thanks to the Lakers and Dodgers, it also has sports teams that are known the world over. But there is much more to LA than baseball and basketball. There are some sports here that are growing in popularity, even though many locals don’t know they exist.

Here are some of our top obscure sports in Los Angeles, as well as a few hidden gems in the sports you already know and love.


Okay, so it’s not rare or obscure anymore. The Galaxy are one of the best teams in Major League Soccer and thanks to players like Henry and Beckham, the league on the whole is also recognized worldwide. But there are more obscure connections to this sport in Los Angeles. 

Technically, one of the most successful teams in the history of the city is Maccabi Los Angeles, which was a Jewish soccer team based in the city. It was made up of soap stars and random people on the street, as well as a few top players to bring this rag-tag bunch together. 

They played in the Greater Los Angeles Soccer League in the 1960s and they show that soccer has a significant and multicultural history in this region. It’s not just about the multi-million dollar players in the big national league. 


Said to be one of the fastest growing sports in the world right now, eSports are basically professional video games. They include first-person shooter titles, as well as strategy games, card games and battle arena games. They are played all over the world, with cities like Seoul being one of the epicenters. But, as you might have guessed, LA is also a hotspot for them. 

There are several studios throughout the city where you can practice and compete. There is also the eSports Arena, which was America’s first dedicated eSports stadium. There are over 15,000 seats to host eSports fans as well as a big venue for the players to do what they do best. This arena has helped to increase the profile of eSports throughout California and there is an event on every week.

Be sure to check with the official eSports Arena website to see what’s being shown right now.

Lucha VaVoom

This is a spectacle that is held at the Mahan and has attracted any thousands of Angelenos over the years. You can watch Mexican wrestling at its finest, with masked men and women performing all kinds of fantastic stunts as they beat each other up for your amusement. There are also some burlesque dancers thrown in for good measure, making this an event that kids and adults of all ages can enjoy. 

It’s also an event for both of the sexes, but with a lot of machismo going around and being interspersed with half naked dancing women, it’s clearly something that was designed with men in mind.

Roller Derby

I’ve mentioned this before as a must-see for anyone visiting the city, but it’s worth another mention. Roller Derby is not entirely unique to LA or to California for that matter, but it’s not something that you will find in every city or every state, and it’s certainly not something that exists outside of the United States.

It’s fast, it’s brutal and it combines all of the fun elements of other sports, from the speed and brutality of hockey and rugby, to the high impact of football and the skill of soccer. What more could you possibly want?


You may be surprised to learn that there are cricket clubs in Los Angeles. Americans have never been big on this sport, and many of the immigrant populations that have moved here haven’t been fans either. However, LA has the weather for it and it’s also a big baseball region, so why not?

There is such a thing as the Compton Cricket Club and while membership is not exactly sky high, it also means that competition is low. The same applies across the region. Everyone is invited to try their hand at this game and to test their skills against fellow towns and cities throughout CA.

Many of the people who play the game in the US are immigrants from regions like South Africa, England, Australia, India and Sri Lanka, among others. In these countries cricket is huge. You can bet on cricket, you can watch it being played in huge stadiums and you can even buy your own franchise, if you have a few million lying around.

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