2016 Edwardian Balls Preview – San Francisco and Los Angeles

Photography by Greg Autry*



Exciting announcement as I will be covering the Edwardian Balls this year, in San Francisco on January  22nd and 23rd, as well as in Los Angeles the 27th of February . Yes folks, I’m covering both Balls, and excited as this will be my first Edwardian in San Francisco. There will also be an upcoming announcement about my move to Nor Cal from Las Vegas.



 The Edwardian Balls are celebration of the stories of the late macabre cult author, comic artist, illustrator and cartoonist Edward Gorey. The 16th Edwardian Ball returns to the Regency Ballroom Friday and Saturday, January 22 and 23, 2016. The Edwardian Ball is an inimitable, description-defying, high camp, whimsical and surrealistic two-day festival.  It also called the number one Steampunk Event in the World.



This is a multi-city exposition, a sort of vintage fetish circus, done in theatre which everyone participates, in an industrial sort of art mayhem event. Just my kind of people.  The costumes are outrageous, fun, and range from absurdly sexy, to absurdly outrageous. Is that redundant?



 Heading to Southern California to be held at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood,  on February 27, is a continuation of the Event that is at its heart, a glorious time for all, combining stage shows, cosplay, dark comedy, science fiction, lots of music all night long. And the stuff that goes on, oh my, you’ll have stories to tell your grandchildren. Well, maybe better not tell the grandchildren on second thought.



All sorts of Celebrities turn up. The cool thing for them is that in costume, no-one recognizes them and they can just hang out and be crazy, with everyone else. The whole deal started some fifteen years ago, as an underground club in San Francisco. Its colorful, quirky, eccentric, whimsical costume party, yet it has a certain sexy elegance. Costume Party really doesn’t do it all justice.



 Both, San Francisco and Los Angeles Events are co-hosted by Rosin Coven and Vau de Vire Society. There are original stage performances featuring an Edward Gorey tale in collaboration with my favorite, Dark Garden Corsetry.



All ages are welcome, you must of course be 21 to drink, and I will say, it can get a little naughty. Or is that just me ?  Check out the website for tickets in either SF or LA. Oh heck, why not do both, like I am. FYI, the Balls always sell out, get your tickets now.

I do not want to hear, I don’t have a costume. Ladies, a low cut anything, throw an old string of pearls around your neck and shoulders, grab that old dusty fur stole you mom threw away years ago, and you picked it out of the trash to keep. Put on a corset, and some high heels, Do your hair up a bit with some old pins. Guys , get out that sparkly jacket you were embarrassed to wear, that old tux that doesn’t fit, throw on a fedora, and voila. A Costume.



You still have time to go rummage around your local Vintage store too.  Watch for my Articles in LA Splash Magazine after each event with hundreds of photos. I’ll also be doing private photoshoots for those of you who want something special. 



 Don’t forget to check out my other Articles in LA Splash Magazine and you can always contact me on Facebook or on Twitter @GregAutry3

Let’s have a Ball!


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