Vets On Set is having its first fundraiser event. It is being held on Tuesday March 13 @ 7:00 pm - "Military Veterans are new source of qualified employees for the film and the television industry"


To view the stream go to 

As most people are already aware, the job market is still very difficult to navigate.  This is even truer for returning United States Veterans.  With the help of a relatively newer organization, called Vets On Set, Many veterans are now getting the help they both need and deserve. 



We caught up with Dave Rosen, Vets on Set’s founder & Executive Director for a brief conversation.


What is Vets On Set?

Dave – We are a Los Angeles based nonprofit that reaches out to hardworking men and women who have served in the armed forces and show a strong interest and aptitude in the film, music and television industry.  Many of them have attended and completed film and music programs at film schools and universities. By using our extensive connections and experience in the entertainment field we are able to place veterans, as crew, on sets ranging from small budget projects to major Hollywood productions.  


Why did you form Vets On Set?

Dave - We formed our organization in response to the fact that veterans represent one of the largest populations of unemployed individuals in the US.  It is also under reported, that corporations in California benefit financially, from staffing veterans.  It is one of our goals to inform employers that what they garner in hiring a veteran, are not only state benefits, but also the assurance of hardworking, punctual, problem-solving, and eager individuals who are committed to making every project a professional & efficient work environment.


How is Vets on Set financially supported?

Dave - The dilemma we have is that we are committed to keeping our services free to both the productions and to the veterans themselves.  We do not want to financially penalize anyone for using our services.  This has placed us in the position of having to rely on grants, loans, volunteers, donated hours, fund raisers and bartered services, in order to advance.  

Our first fundraiser is this Tues Night 3/13/2012 @ 7pm.  It is an educational & motivational event entitled, Creating a Career in the Film and Television Industry, Breaking In & Moving Up.   


Can you tell me more about this event?

We have invited a number of interested Veterans to attend.  It will be the first in a series of lectures we have planned, this one is a talk with Producer John Duffy & Bryan H. Carroll.  John produced films such as  The Ghastly Love of Johnny X, The Wonder Girls, Beneath the Darkness Blood & Bone and a series of Training videos for U.S. Marine Corp. Bryan has produced projects such as Public Enemy, Miami Vice, and Collateral.


How is this considered a fundraiser?

We are broadcasting this event, live to the Internet. We have a multi camera live stream delivering this lecture to a vast online audience.  We are hosting this event on, and we hope that we will attract a viewing audience that is inclined to click the Donate button during the program.  


What is Donate Per View?

Dave - The concept of Donate Per View is that they broadcast to the Internet for free or with ad-supported content and leave it to the viewer to decide if they want or do not want to make a donation.  It works much like a traditional telethon on the internet.


Do you have any other thoughts before we wrap up?

Dave - Yes, indeed, if you are available on Tuesday March 13 @ 7:00 pm go to and watch the live stream of this event.  If you feel inclined, please donate generously.  

I would like to take this moment to thank our event sponsors for this event. Dagger Media & Sacred Sword donated the location for the live stream to take place. Absolute Live Productions of Burbank handled all of the production video streaming and services, Stickam was extremely helpful getting us our online bandwidth and provisioning the Vets on Set page.   

We are also looking for long-term sponsors for Vets On Set.  To become a sponsor simply email [email protected].


For more information contact:

Dave Rosen - Founder Vets on Set, [email protected] 

John Duffy – Co-Founder, [email protected]


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