Singer Songwriter Devorah Launches Wounded Warrior Project 'Pennies 4 Patriots' - Bicycling Across America for a Great Cause

Rock / pop singer and songwriter Devorah performed an inspirational and heartfelt song she wrote honoring men and women who have served in the armed forces and that protect our country daily before embarking on her bicycle ride across America in support of the Wounded Warrior Project, “Devorah’s Pennies 4 Patriots”. The launch ceremony took place on October 11th, 2011, and was held at the historic American Legion Post 43 in Hollywood, CA, and hosted by Commander Jeric Wilhelmsen.


Friends, supporters and celebrities attended the launch ceremony

Friends and supporters smiled with Devorah for photos at the launch party, and laughed and chatted with her before her final push off. Starting the ceremony off with the Pledge of Allegiance, veterans and service men and women saluted our flag as the rest of us held our hands over our hearts.


Frank Stalone, Carol Connors, Erin Murphy and other friends gave Devorah the push off

Many supporters, celebrities, and veterans attended the event including Desprate Housewives costar Dominic Pace, Bewitched star Erin Murphy, and music star Frank Stalone, who sang his version of “This Land Was Meant for You and Me”.


Frank Stalone performed "This Land is Our Land"


Two time Oscar and Golden Globe nominated songwriter Carol Connors began the project under water last July 4th as she went down under the sea in Key Lago with a Statue of Liberty costume and torch created by international artist Pasqual Bettio to benefit Wounded Warrior. Connors passed the torch on land to Devorah in full support, and gave a remarkable performance of “America The Beautiful” at the launch ceremony.


“I’ve spent decades wondering about our service men and women, and one day I met a soldier who listened to me sing and told me that this was the project for me. I started Pennies 4 Patriots which encourages people to send in any pennies they may have or find, because just one penny, heads or tails, is a penny from heaven, and donating it really shows your appreciation for life.” Devorah explained with a twinkle of a tear in her eye.


Devorah gave a heartfelt performance

Devorah wrote the song in appreciation for soldiers and said it’s really about appreciating life, as the song says it, “do what you love, be all you can be, and we will all come together from sea to shining sea.” Looking around at the audience of supporters, celebrities, soldiers, and veterans, it was very apparent that the depth of meaning in the words with the song, along with Devorah’s powerful voice, touched the hearts of everyone, and filled us with a sense of pride for our country’s service men and women.


Devorah performed her song she wrote dedicated to service men and women

Beverly Hills Bicycle created a specially made bicycle to fit Devorah’s small 4’11’’ frame, and she posed on it with all of the guests behind her as she prepared to set off on her journey. Devorah’s first stop will be in Palm Springs, CA where she will perform her song for military members. She will also be performing in Phoenix, El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Mobile, Tallahassee, and end in Jacksonville.  The ride will take her three months to complete.


Pennies 4 Patriots is a way that every person can help Devorah, you can sponsor her a penny per mile on her website You can also purchase the sounds of her incredible talents on the website as well as on itunes.

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