Santa Monica Actress Tanna Frederick To Vietnam To Install Water Filters

In August, PSOS Founder Tanna Frederick, her father David Frederick (a Vietnam veteran) and PSOS President Sydney Shand, will travel to Vietnam to provide fresh clean water.


PSOS will be working side by side this year with SOS Children’s Villages. “This will be our second trip this year to the Ben Tre area. We have 13 other orphanages throughout Vietnam that we are working with to provide fresh clean water,” said Frederick.


Ben Tre in southern Vietnam is located on the banks of Makong Delta River. “The standard of living there is a world away and as a result young children from destitute families are prone to become victims of human trafficking. Ben Tre is one of the poorest provinces in the region. The SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam is a child development organization that supports orphan children who have lost their parents,” added Frederick.


At present there are 13 SOS Children’s Villages throughout Vietnam. There are two new villages that are under construction and will open next year. In each village, there are 15 – 25 houses, each a home to 50 children. SOS has taken care of more than 3,500 children in each village.


Most of the families that PSOS will be providing water filters for are in locations that cannot be reached by car--only by foot. SOS volunteers will have to hike to most of the locations.


Most of SOS facilities are using water from the local rivers and wells. The water from the wells is fresh but not clean enough for drinking or cooking. When it rains, flooding pipe systems under the villages are affected and causes the water supply to be infected.



Information on the water filters used by PSOS: 


The MPV water filtration system is the fastest, easiest and most cost efficient way to get pure portable water to communities in need. One filter provides fresh clean water to 100 people daily. The lifetime of one filter will provide one million gallons of fresh clean water. If the filter is maintained properly, it will last for many years. Each filter is $50.00.


Please help PSOS bring relief to children in Ben Tre, Vietnam on a daily bases. We need you! We need to raise $10,000 dollars for water filters, buckets and supplies. 


With your support, children and families in Ben Tre will be given hope for a better future. 


Donations can be made to:


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