Rubee Jewel's Hot Spot's: Goodtime For Grown Ups



Hey my beautiful readers.

Its the jewel everybody love Rubee.

Giving you guys more info on the hot spots for grown ups.I try to bring you the best info on some of the most interesting places to go to have a good time for a good price or even better for free.Now the thing about hot spots is that there are so many different kinds.You have a variety of options as a grown up to do so many different things.A lot of people think that having a good times has to include a party setting. Well guess what?I'm about to clue you guys in on the events, venues & grown up things that you wont need a party setting to enjoy.

I look for things & places that spark my interest. I'm the type that can turn any place into a good time. Now I'm big on charity. When I can I try to donate some of my time to a good cause. Some people think Charity events are boring & its all about giving money to the cause. I'm here to tell you that is not always true. I mean of course its a little about giving money to the charity. But its also about gaining knowledge on things that are going on and helping others. The people that put these charity events together put a lot of effort into making sure the people who attend enjoy themselves as well. I worked a Charity event recently for The Make a Wish Foundation at Cbs studio's.I had the best time ever. Who knew that a charity could be such a good time. This was an amazing event..Now the reason I am using this opportunity to tell you guys about charity and having a goodtime while giving back is. I noticed as I played a celebrity Bingo game. Yes I played Bingo. As I'm playing celebrity bingo across from Matthew Perry & sitting next to Jeremy Sisco from movies like Wrong Turn, Clueless & the new ABC sitcom Surburgatory.I realized that a goodtime doesn't always have to be a party setting. I mean it helps sitting at a table with such comedic people. But it was the feeling I got looking around the room at all the people, enjoying themselves. Seriously I felt like there were so many people there that haven't played Bingo in forever. I know I haven't. You can tell everyone was really into it. And to hear actors from some of your favorite TV shows yell out the funniest things & make comments about how disappointed they were that they weren't winning. Loved it. Honestly it was the hardest Bingo Game ever made. They made sure it wasn't easy to win. Which made it so much fun. If you have never worked at a charity or been to a charity event. Its one of those things you must do at least once in your life.

Most Charity events have. Great food, drinks & good music. And the feeling you get from knowing you just helped to make a difference. Is the most rewarding feeling of all. On top of that everyone is in good spirits by it being all about charity. They are so many different charities that have events all the time. If you would like to help out or attend a Make a wish event. Go to to sign up or learn more about what they have going on near you.

Goodtime for Grown ups

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