Rose and Alex Pilibos Annual Autumn Walkathon 2013

The annual Rose and Alex Pilibos Autumn Walkathon "Together We Make The Difference" was held on Tuesday, November 19, 2013.  Students, teachers, administrative staff, parents, community members and even Archpriest Rev. Fr. Vicken Vassilian, all joined to embarked on a 5K walk and make a difference in the community.

Rose and Alex Pilibos School students showed their school spirit by proudly singing and chanting as they walked on Hollywood Blvd in the Little Armenia neighborhood, while being escorted by the teachers, staff, parents, and the security.

"The walkathon is about giving back to our school as well as our community" announced Principal Dr. Alina Dorian to the students who were gathered outside before the walk. "The only justification we have for looking down on someone is that we're going to stop and pick them up. We are all about helping one another!" said Dr. Dorian as cheers and screams generated from the crowd of kids, teachers, staff and parents.

In the weeks leading up to the walk itself, students gathered pledges from relatives, friends and neighbors to raise funds for their school and community.  Books have been donated to the Los Feliz Branch Library, canned goods and clothes were collected for different organizations in need for the holiday season. The elementary students dedicated their time by volunteering at the St. Garabed Church and Mary Postoian Preschool.


This was the first year for the Magzanyan siblings, students of Rose and Alex Pilibos and founders of "Kids Help Kids" organization, to participate in the school's Walkathon. "I am looking forward to this walkathon just because I love to give back to my school and my community. I love the idea of kids, school administration, teachers and parents getting together to make a difference." said nine-year-old Katrina Magzanyan.


Katrina Magzanyan

Katrina Magzanyan and her friends

Her 7 years old sister, Isabella Magzanyan, along with her classmates planted trees in Mary Postoian Preschool's yard. Prior to commencing the walk, Isabella expressed her joy and excitement for the walk by jumping up and down with a big smile on her face. "I am super excited to walk in my neighborhood with my friends and help my school! " Isabella said as she grabbed Lilit's and Jennifer's hands, best friends back from preschool, and ran towards the crowd forming a line for the walk.

Isabella Magzanyan and Lilit

Isabella Magzanyan, Lilit and Jennifer

As for 6-year-old John Magzanyan, the walkathon was unimaginable due to his very first walk but he did mention "I'll be walking with friends and family to help my school and community".  Earlier this year Katrina, Isabella and John joined Rose and Alex Pilibos Toy Drive for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles which was a major success.

John Magzanyan

John Magzanyan and friends


Not only the walkathon was a fun and beneficial activity outside of the students’ classrooms but it also brought the entire Rose and Alex Pilibos School and their community together! This was yet another year of wonderful learning experiences for the students. Together they have the power to do good and have fun at the same time!


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