National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) 11th Annual Walk-A-Thon - Hippie Hannah - In the Presence of Angels

Saturday October 5th at the Santa Monica Promenade the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) held the 11th annual Walk-A-Thon to raise funds for those affected by mental illness. To Los Angelon supporters, the march for mental health meant more than support for those affected by disorders such as schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and anerxia. To friends and families of those in need of NAMI's care, the Walk-A-Thon was a congregation of unconditional love. 

Positive presence


My team came to the Walk-A-Thon to bring PEACE of MIND. Raising $890 for the cause, what was far richer than our donation was the undeniable presence of positive energy and friendship. Having a team of smiling faces donning tie-dye and every color of the rainbow, an average California morning transformed into a day to celebrate the brightness that unity can bring. 

Smiles from me, Monique and Melissa

Who knew simply joining together to enjoy the morning breeze on the beach walk of Santa Monica could make such an impact on the soul? As we strolled along the side of the ocean, we enjoyed the view that generously offers itself to us every day.Taking pictures of our bliss, laughing and learning more about the pure hearts that is in one another we came to a short stop. This is when I met Angel. Silently she held a sign that read, "There is no health without mental health". 


Her teal blue hair framed a beautiful round face where two wide eyes held a grin. Excited by the message she carried, I introduced myself.


"May I please take a picture with you?" I asked.


"Sure," she seemed surprised and excited yet muted by her shyness. 


"Thank you so much!" I told her. "What is your name?"


She replied, "Angel." 

There is no health without mental health.


A vibration resonated within me. Wow, I thought. I couldn't hide my excitement. I wanted to take Angel with us, but she waited behind for her own group to continue forward. We began walking again and the feeling of serendipity echoed within. 


There is something I would like you to know about me: I believe. 


There is time for now, but in the end there is only now. This is the one moment that consumes us. In this moment all of the opportunities we are ready for present themselves to us. What I mean by "I believe," in this aspect, is that what we are open to receiving is what is granted to us. Last Saturday, and every day, hour, second for that matter, I believe in the power of now. The gift Angel gave to me is something I will cherish for ever; her presence. 


So, I say to the reader: Be here now. Live in this moment as the beautiful being of creation that you are. Let your existence ring so that it will chime endlessly in others to cherish past your last moment's existence. 

PEACE of MIND Walkers

We are angels with closed wings. By opening our hearts we find again the ability to fly. Find the cause you were meant to stand for. Your peace is what makes the world a positive planet. 


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