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Los Angeles Clippers Chris Paul Throws The Kids From LA's Best A Holiday Party as Part of AEG's Season of Giving Review- The Jewel Wrap Up

By Rubee Jewel

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Chris Paul Takes Over LA Live for the kids

I hung out with LA Clipper's Chris Paul Thursday at Lucky Strike inside LA Live for his holiday party for the kids.


Tis The Season

I had the chance to see another NBA player give back for a good cause. Chris Paul made sure that he threw an event the kids could enjoy.This was a great. Although the toy giveaway and kids Christmas party lasted less than an hour at Lucky Strikes. The kids started arriving around 3pm where they got a chance to eat and do some bowling before Chris arrived. When he did arrive you could really get a sense of how much he loves kids and loves to see them happy.

Chris talking to the kids from LA's Best

This Tree is beautiful

He was engaging and had fun chatting and talking to the children from LA's Best while they recieved their toys.After talking to the kids, taking photos and doing a few interviews Chris took the holiday celebration over to the ice rink. Where it was lit up with lights and a beautiful gigantic Christmas tree that Chris made sure he acknowledged as soon as he got on the mic to speak about his charity CP3 and his appreciation for AEG and all their donations and contributions to charity.After Chris's speech the kids got the opportunity to enjoy themselves on the ice and watch the LA Kings on ice presented by Coca Cola. AEG also presented Chris with a check for $5,000 dollars for his charity the CP3 Foundation. Chris Paul's CP3 charity is dedicated to change.

CP3 Foundation

The kids from LA's Best had a blast and loved their Christmas gifts from Chris Paul

The CP3 Foundation strives to impact the communities it serves by using resources and passion for
philanthropy to enhance and promote education, health, sports, and social responsibility for youth and families.

Giveaways and gifts at Lucky Strikes

The kids of LA's Best

In 2005 Chris founded and established CP3 in honor of his late grandfather to provide scholarships for kids to attend Wake Forest University. Chris Paul's wants to improve lives with his charity. As one of the best point guards in the NBA with all the money, fame and resources available his charitable causes are the reason he keeps on succeeding.The 5 time Nba all-star has built a great image that people can look up too. Chris Paul is also a member of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. He stays busy and obviously focused to go hard on the court and in the street.

Chris Paul and his Adorable mini look alike his son Chris Paul Jr

Chris Paul along with numerous other athletes that give back. Use there celebrity to help others accomplish their goals and This talented athlete has changed alot lives for the better. Giving children and families the opportunity to think bigger and become better. A celebrity that gives back. Deserves their success. Chris understands that everyone is not a celebrity and there are alot of people out there in numerous communities less fortunate. 

Sharing his knowledge about charity and giving back

AEG Donates $5000

So he decided to share his knowledge and give back to those who are in need of guidance
or need help to further themselves in life.Its not a suprise that Chris is such an inspiration and he will definately be big beyond basketball.His grandfather the reason why Chris started his foundation was the first African American to own his own gas station in Chris's hometown Winston-Salem in North Carolina. His grandfather Nathaniel Jones was a legacy all in himself his Chevron gas station opened in 1964.Jones was known around town for his amazing spirit and trust in the community he ran that gas stations for almost four decades.Paul stated he realized from his grandfather how important helping others was.

Chris Paul taking photos and flashing that killer smile

Growing up working in his grandfather's gas station Chris watched him help so many people
and it inspired him to do the same. With 100% support from his idol.Chris went on to become quoted by Success magazine  "One of the brightess stars" in the NBA. "A must see player". Between raising kids of
his own, being one of the most talented point guards in the NBA and giving back to the community. I would definately say he has made his grandfather proud of all of his good deeds in his honor and im sure he would also be proud of the man Chris has became. To learn more about Chris Paul"s charity or info on future events visit the CP3 Foundation website.

Chris breaking the Ice with press inside the rink

There were so many holiday festivities at this event inside LA Live including live entertainment. Like my fun utinsel playing cheerful entertainment performers Momentum Live Entainment from New York giving out free gifts and entertaining us with holiday music using spoons, tin cans & pretty much anything with a ding sound that they could find in their Delta Cheer Cart.

Delta Cheer Cart Giveaways

This group was awesome and kept me completely entertained and of course the children.To learn more about Momentum Live Entertainment and the Delta Cheer Cart go to YouTube and checkout the cheer cart commercial. And thank you to Jessica Jazzee Photography for all the great pictures.

Momentum Live Entertainment

A cheer cart full of momentum

Go to YouTube and checkout Momentum spending good cheer from the Delta Airline Cheer Chart


Happy Holidays!

Published on Dec 22, 2013

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