The Third Annual NIGHT OF GENEROSITY Water Benefit, hosted by E! personalities Jason Kennedy and Giuliana Rancic in the Beverly Hills home of Music Producer Wayne Kao, brought the celebrities out for an enchanted evening of fun, philanthropy and awareness.

Generosity Water (R-L) Founder Philip Wagner, Executive Director. Jordan Wagner, E! Personality and Gala host, Jason Kennedy and, Generosity Water's Outreach and Events Coordinator, Michael Muniz. *

GENEROSITY WATER, the Los Angeles Christian based charity, partnered with pop sensation Katy Perry and TICKETS-FOR-CHARITY who offered tickets to her upcoming CALIFORNIA DREAMS tour with donations from sales directly benefiting GENEROSITY WATER.

Honor Society at the Beverly Hills home of Music Producer Waye Kao.

Katy Perry, a longtime supporter of GENEROSITY WATER, has gifted the organization through the donation of her time; talent and celebrity reach to create awareness of the organization and the global need. By asking her fans to send direct donations in lieu of gifts for her recent birthday she was instrumental in allowing people everywhere to participate in the creation of THE LIVING WATER WELL PROJECT in Liberia.  Her efforts resulted in funding a fully sustainable well delivering fresh pure drinking water.

E! personalities Jason Kennedy and Giuliana Rancic host the recent Generosity Water Benefit. *

GENEROSITY WATER was birthed out of a burden for the global water crisis felt by Philip Wager, founding Pastor of Oasis Church in Los Angeles, who asked his congregation to feel the same burden and answer the need by donating their time, money or specialties to assist in building a single well.

Tickets for Charity Booth at the recent Generosity Water Gala.

Speaking with GENEROSITY WATER Executive Director Jordan Wagner he explained the mission, motivation and hope for the organization.

Jordan Wagner, Executive Director of Generosity Water.

Janet Walker: How did you get involved with GENEROSITY WATER?
Jordan Wagner: Well we started GENEROSITY WATER a few years ago back in 2008. Actually, after traveling to Africa for the first time, we saw this enormous need for clean water. We would see so many women, girls and young boys, carrying fifty gallon water containers on their head and it shocked us. ‘What are they doing? Why are the walking this far? And then we realized it’s not just this village that we were in it’s actually one billion people on the planet who don’t have access to clean water. So, one in six humans don’t have clean drinking water. Something we take for granted we can get water anywhere. And so we came back and thought this is a massive crisis and what’s so ironic is that there was a simple solution to that problem. With the AIDS crisis and with these other important causes the solution is not so simple we’re trying to figure out, ‘Do we cure AIDS or is there prevention. What do we do? It’s an important issue.

But with water we can actually drill down and build a well in their village and they have clean water for life. It’s as simple as that. We can teach them how to manage it, how to use the well. And then we realized that water is the first step to breaking the cycle of poverty. Once you put clean water well in the village kids can now go to school instead of walking for miles to find water; less people are getting sick. We didn’t want to build a hospital if we weren’t stopping the reason why they were going to the hospital in the first place.

How can you help?

We came back and we didn’t have all the answers, it was me and my Dad together. We put our heads together, we just started throwing events. He’s the pastor of a church out in Los Angeles, and we started speaking to the church, and getting people fired up and we thought we would just use all the influence we have and spread the word as much as we can to get people involved. So that’s kind of how it started in 2008. We had our first NIGHT OF GENEROSITY in 2009 and we had it at LuLulemon in Beverly Hills, Little retail center, small little place, opened a red carpet, had a fashion show raised enough money to build a few wells. And it’s just amazing to see in two years time we’re at this gorgeous house and it’s going to be sold out with four hundred people. It’s going to be an incredible time.

The pure and safe drinking water challenge is met through Generoristy Water's hope and hard work.

Janet Walker: Are you focusing on one particular area? Do you have partner in Africa that directs you? How do you find out exactly where you’re going to be creating the wells?
Jordan Wagner: Sure. That’s a great question. We partner with local partners in every one of the countries that we work in. So right now, we’ve work in Seventeen countries and we’ve completed two hundred clean water projects and its servicing 80,000 people with clean water.

We started to put a focus on five countries and we started to put a focus on Haiti, Liberia, Ghana, India and Peru. We wanted to diversify the continents we’re working on because we’re not bias towards anybody. We want to help people get clean water and after the earthquake in Haiti the need for clean water grew so much. So we started to do a lot more projects there. Our goal tonight is to raise $30,000 through the live auction to fund ten more projects in Haiti tonight from our efforts here. We partner with local people who have experience who have been doing wells for over ten years. They know the culture, the language; they know the people really well. We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. We just thought maybe we can use our influence help raise awareness, help raise money and increase the capacity of our partners on the ground.

Silent Auction Items.

Janet Walker: How did you get involved with Katy Perry?
Jordan Wagner: One of our advisory board members in Angelica Cob-Baehler who is a Sr. VP over at Capital Records and she’s one of Katy’s Publicist and oversees PR and creative for them. Katy’s been a huge supporter of clean water and has just been a huge advocate for GENEROSITY WATER. So we partner with TICKETS-FOR-CHARITY who’s our partner tonight. Their company links up artist and bands with different charities. So Katy’s agreed, not only has Katy personally funded a well, just last year for her birthday she wanted to help but also, this year she designated a portion of tickets sales for her upcoming tour, the CALIFORNIA DREAMS tour, to go directly toward GENEROISTY WATER. So in the first three weeks of ticket going on sale we’ve already raised nearly $30,000. which is really incredible. She’s just a great person with a great heart and using her influence to help people.

The grave statistics.

Pure, refreshing, cold drinking water, a luxury the majority of the world takes for granted. In Haiti, Peru, Liberia, Ghana, India and other nations this is an extravagance. Women walk six hours, round trip, to carry five gallons of water, on their backs, everyday to their villages. What they trade for drinking water? Education: There is no choice; water to survive or education to compete. A well that provides fresh drinking water fifteen minutes away: $3000.00 total cost. Start to finish.

Prop placement throughout the event showed true-to-life replica from recent well projects.

Martha McTartlin, Marketing Director, for TICKETS-FOR-CHARITY describes the process:
Janet Walker: How does TICKETS-FOR-CHARITY work?
Martha McTartlinTICKETS-FOR-CHARITY is an organization that works directly with the biggest names in entertainment, music and sports to make the best seats in the house available for fans at the same or better price that they pay elsewhere. The difference is a 100% of everything over face value goes to a charity.

The VIP Section.

Often a portion donation goes to a charity of the artist’s choice, for example tonight, Katy Perry, selected GENEROSITY WATER to benefit from the sales of her North American tour so were here tonight to support them and make an announcement on how much we’ve raised actually how much Katy’s fans have raised so far for them. So that’s basically how the model works. Nobody does anything different than they would do otherwise. Instead of going to a scalper or broker the fan comes to us pay the same amount only the benefit goes to charity.

An African Hut.

The four hundred guests who attended the NIGHT OF GENEROSITY, including actor Peter Berg, Real Housewife Kelli Bensimon and the cast of One Tree Hill enjoyed live performances from A FINE FRENZY and HONOR SOCIETY. The DJ rocked the house throughout the evening with a mix of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s disco/funk/Pop Rock and Hip Hop.

Generosity Water's working model.

Title sponsor for The Third Annual NIGHT OF GENEROSITY Benefit’s was TICKETS-FOR-CHARITY. Product sponsors, for the evening included, Blu Demorcracy, Coca-Cola, Contemporary Catering, Stella Artois, Icelandic Glacia, O.N.E., Coconut Water and Voli Vodka. Designs and informational displays created by Design Sponsor Vuja De Studios and photography services, capturing the enchanted evening, donated by Daryl Henderson, Jess Koehler and Nick Morris.

Honor Society performs lives for the sold out celebrity crowd.

For more information on GENEROSITY WATER: www.generositywater.org
For more information on TICKETS-FOR-CHARITY: www.ticketsforcharity.com
Special thanks to Rogers & Cowen.

Images by Janet Walker courtesy of Haute-Lifestyle.com: www.Haute-lifestyle.com

Images where notes (*) courtesy of Rogers & Cowen.

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