JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation: Finding a Cure


JDRF: Aaron Eckhart


Thursday morning, watching KTLA's Morning News, featured the popular actor Aaron Eckart (recently in Olympus Has Fallen and  The Race) talking about the forthcoming gala fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes research.   For a mere $500 a plate, those passionate about finding a cure for the Type 1 diabetes, could participate in the glamorous event being held at the Hyatt Regency in Century City


Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Gala

Aaron said that, even as he walked the halls of the newsroom, several people approached him with the news that they, too, suffered from the disease. 


Known to some as Juvenile Diabetes, because it was thought to affect mainly children, it really affects many adults, as well.  In fact over 25 million people - adults and kids - suffer from the disease which prevents the pancreas from producing insulin, a hormone needed to break down sugars, starches and other foods into energy for daily life.   Striking suddenly, it affects a whole lifetime.  Those affected come from all walks of life.


Aaron graciously gave us some health tips on how he exercises routinely and watches what he eats.  Diabetes, while inherited, does not have to strike if you are careful with your lifestyle.  The obesity, especially in kids, does not help the situation and Karen Sharpe Kramer was glad that Michelle Obama "is cracking down on our poor school lunches and the overweight condition of our society."


JDRF: Aaron Eckhart and Mary McCormack

Besides Aaron, also highlighting the event was Mary McCormack (In Plain Sight), who, after a break from television, just recently did an NBC pilot for a new sitcom.  Mary talked of her producer husband who was diagnosed with Type 1 only shortly after their engagement.   "It's a life changing event, but it can be lived with."  For that reason, Mary often speaks to groups about the disease and is anxious to help find a cure.


Both an extensive silent auction and a live auction, also helped to raise funds for the research. 


JDRF: Kat Kramer and Karen Sharpe Kramer


Others attending this 10th annual event, several who also were affected by the condition, were Mary Mouser (Body of Proof), Dan Bucatinsky (Scandal), Kate Mansi, and Austin Baisis (Beauty and the Beast).Kat Kramer's father, Stanley Kramer, died of the disease,.  Also there were Ellyn Garofalo (Partner, Liner Law), Kevin and Erin Wehrenberg (SVP, Comedy Development, Warner Brothers Television), Marci Wiseman (SVP, Business Affairs, AMC) , Gloria Loring, Caren Brooks (The Brooks Family Foundation), Angie and "Big" Jon Platt (Warner/Chappell Music Executive) Eric LaBarr, Jillian Levy, Samantha Courtney,  Bill and Marcy Miller, David King, Brent Kessel, Antoine Souma, Adam Barr, Gary Weiss (along with Tari,  Trevor and Bronte Weiss), Leslie Stevens, Andrea King, Lisa Hansen, Laurie DeSchryver, Laura Mecoy, Keven Kaiserman, Kathy Hilton, Ron Munman, Michael Schoenfeld, Mimi Park, Michael Raich, Morgan Rector, Nancy Marks, Robert Gandara, Maura Hudson, Steve Roseman, Steve Johnson, Steve Marks, Steven Spartin, Thomas Brobson, Makenzie Munan, Sydney Munan, Tony Marks, Andy Mooney, Darren Star, Frank Buckley, Marcy Carsey, Ben Leeds, Garen Momdjian, Jacob "Yasha" Gofman, James George, Joel Levy, John Ashkar, Julie King, Lars Reierson, Mirko Jokanovic, Moshe Niv, and Scott Morris. 


JDRF: Kate Mansi, Sydney Munan and Makenzie Munan

Hopefully, the new artificial pancreas being worked on will soon be perfected and give relief to many diabetic sufferers. 


There are centers all around the country studying this critical disease.  For more information about the Los Angeles events, check out www.jdrfla.org.

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