Farm Sanctuary 25th Anniversary Gala Launch Party

On this special evening thanks to Gene Baur, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary came together a very conscious crowd of individuals for the launch of the 25th Anniversary Galas of the organization. May 14th in NYC and September 24th in Los Angeles, are the days which the anniversary will be commemorated with a superb evening in company of some special celebrities confirmed to attend to the NYC Gala such as Chevy Chase, Russell Simmons, Emily Deschanel, Rory Freedman, Carol Liefer, Wendie Malick, Nellie McKay, Loretta Swit, Fred Willard and many more it seems.

Jennifer Coolidge, Gene Bauer, Bob Harper

Gene Bauer and his Team

Meanwhile, what a way to celebrate the launch of the galas as James Costa hospitably opened his beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills to cater to the hundreds of compassionate guests who truly care about farm animals, including hosts Bob Harper (NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” as the personal trainer), Jennifer Coolidge (“Legally Blonde” and “American Pie”) and Moby (DJ and Musician).

James Costa, Jennifer Coolidge, Bob Harper

Because Farm Sanctuary was the first animal rescue organization out there dedicated to farmed animals in the United States, it has gotten much national recognition and appreciation as many have observed how the organization over the years has passionately rescued hundreds of animals, educated the public about the centrality of the vegan diet to compassionate living, and advocated for animals through investigation, prosecution, legislation and litigation, while providing rehabilitation and permanent sanctuary to abused farm animals from cruelty cases across the U.S. Through the years, more than 8,000 animals have called Farm Sanctuary home, and they have found safe and loving placement for almost 3,000 more.

And so it would be here at James Costa’s home that guests had the opportunity to sponsor the galas that evening while indulging in some of the most visually pleasing and most delicious vegan dishes LA has yet to bring and should we say by some of LA’s hottest waiters. From the mouth appetizing veggie skewers to the puffy spinach filled pastries to the carrot cake, which redefined the word Delicious, guests were hungry for more, and all the while making the whole food eating experience feel conscious and compassionate to the community of animal lovers. 

James Costa and Bob Harper

And while guests dabbed their fingers in some of the hottest vegan plates, Jennifer Coolidge gave an impassioned and humorous plea for guests to support Farm Sanctuary’s lifesaving work. Many loved her genuine and honest approach, as it added a fun twist to the evening. Then came Bob Harper who talked about the transition from growing up on a cattle farm in Tennessee to veganism, which helped understand why he was such a strong advocate of the organization, and rightly so.

Every one of the speeches felt very warm heart felt and truly spoke to the audience.

After this evening, we know it left guests with an even more aware conscious level, and can vouch that some in the crowd made personal promises to cut any consumption of any 4-legged animals.

For more information and to purchase tickets to either the NYC or LA Galas, please visit: 

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