Thursday Morning and I get to take a beautiful drive down Pacific Coast highway, with my destination no less than the spectacular St Regis Monarch Beach Hotel, in Dana Point .

Cofounded by father and son Marc, and Mike Spits, after  an experiencing a life changing event with baby elephant Mosha, in  Thailand in 2006.

Mosha was a Baby whom was found, after having stepped on a land mine. She is now famed as the first elephant with a prosthetic leg. And which she receives a new one every year, until she become an adult.

Elephant Parade America  is dedicated to saving Asian elephants from extinction.  Wells Fargo is a Grand Supporter, along with the City of Dana Point  and the St Regis Hotel.

The Elephant Parade is an open air art exhibit, of elephants painted and decorated by local and international artist and celebrities.  It is reported to be the world's largest open air exhibition of its kind.

This morning's unveiling of the ELEPHANT PARADE will serve as the American debut for this amazing organization which serves to educate, create awareness, and raise money for the protection of Asian Elephants worldwide.

Previous "Parades" have been held in several cities and countries, including Holland, the UK, Italy, and many others places.  Started in 2007, and held yearly in varying countries with different local artist and celebrities participating.

The Parade features Elephant Art and Sculpture, created by 33 artists',  each a  unique vision of painting and decorating the elephants provided.  Each, represents a personal message by and about the elephants and the artist.

The elephants will be taken this evening from the St Regis, and deployed throughout Dana Point, until November, when the big Gala and Auction will serve to raise money for  the Charity.

There are some incredible and beautiful art pieces created by so many artist.  One of my favorites has to be  by Olivia de Berardinis , featuring none other than her own famous brand of Pin-up of the ever so gorgeous  Dita Von TeaseOlivia, is one of the great Pin-Up artist in the world today, and is from right here  in Southern California.  Dita is renowned for her amazing beauty, and her sultry  Champagne Glass "Tease".

My suggestion, come time for the Auction , have Dita Von Tease herself, come down for the Auction and help sway the bidders. I guarantee the bids will heat up ...WAY UP !!!






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