Dog Film Festival-Afternoon Tea Pooch Party

On June 4, 2016, a great turnout of owners and their dogs attended An Afternoon Pooch Tea Party, the pre-event to the Dog Film Festival.  The party was held at the VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital, and proceeds benefit the Lange Foundation and Downtown Dog Rescue.  The event was hosted by the creator of the Dog Film Festival, Tracie Hotchner  who is best known for the Radio Pet Lady Network , offering inspirational advice to pet owners and interviews top pet experts.  She dedicated the Dog Film Festival to the memory of her godmother Joan Rivers who owned a few rescue dogs.   Melissa Rivers was the honorary hostess and the event was sponsored by the Petco Foundation with attendance of President Suzanne Kogut.


It was awesome to see so many dog lovers and their costumed pooches in one place. Attendees got to enjoy tea and sweet treats, and take home a goodie bag for their pooches.  They had an opportunity to share their pet adoption stories and the joys of being a pet owner.  There were several dogs ready to be adopted and each with a special story.  One poodle was treated for a thyroid condition, another was neglected and thrown on the street, and another poodle was given up by a family.  I love dogs, and have had one my entire life.  When my 12.5 year old Maltese passed away last year from a year long tumor, and was in hospice care for six months it was tough to see her go on Thanksgiving Day.  After spending time taking care of a sick dog, experiencing the loss, the best decision was to get another Maltese. The loss was replaced with content at giving another dog a safe, warm, and good life. It was so heartening to meet amazing people who care about dogs and help with animal rescue, and it was apparent how these sweet pooches are like children to their owners.





Dogs provide many benefits to their owners such as emotional support in tough times, companionship, exercise, and a happy home environment.   A pet can provide a major impact in one’s life as they depend on you to be fed, get exercise, receive love, support, care during illness, bathed and protected from harm.  Unfortunately some humans cannot provide the above and their pet becomes neglected, ill, and sometimes abused.   That’s why it’s incredible when people dedicate their life to operating organizations for the welfare and ethical treatment of animals, and rescue teams.  



The Lange Foundation rescues dogs and cats from shelters who have been abandoned, neglected, or abused, and face euthanasia.   They are set up for adoption, and hopefully lucky enough to be sent home with loving owners.  If not, the foundation continues to keep them without having to face the horrible world of neglect again.  They do an amazing job having rescued 25,000 dogs, cats, and even horses.  Please check out their website, and if you are a dog or cat lover, rescue one! You will feel wonderful knowing you are giving a dog or cat a second chance at life.  The Lange Foundation also had several dogs at the party ready for adoption, and yes I was tempted by a couple of cuties.  Downtown Dog Rescue was started by Lori Weise who saw the homeless population with pets, but no means to provide medical care and food for their furry companions.  She made it a mission to help them by setting up a mobile pet clinic and having their pets spayed or neutered, and foster care for dogs.  I have seen the homeless population in Downtown LA with pet dogs and it always made me concerned whether their pet is getting adequate care or even being fed. It is refreshing to hear stories of people who have created an organization to help this suffering community of homeless dogs.   The Petco Foundation offers monthly pet adoption events throughout the country at one of their many stores, and educates pet owners on the responsibilities of taking care of dogs.


I encourage anyone who has been considering adopting a dog to look into the organizations above.  Also, a great book to prepare you for dog ownership is "The Rescue Dog Bucket List" by Alexandra T. Kleinkopf.



Photos and Video By: Tania Godfrey 



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