Ayuda to Celebrate its 25th Anniversary with an International Latin Gala Event

Ayuda al Niño

Ayuda al Niño, one of the oldest organizations among Bolivians in Southern California, is celebrating its 25th anniversary with an International Latin Gala event to be held at the World Famous CONFIDENTIAL Beverly Hills, 424 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, California 90210.

Tery R. Jackson - Founder & President

Tery Jackson, president of Ayuda, says that she learned very young to help others when she had to take of her younger brothers and sister after her mother passed away.

Event Committee - Ayuda al Niño

Through Ayuda al Niño, an organization she founded 43 years ago, she has sought to help as many children as possible.

The Fashion Show - Ayuda al Niño

On November 17th, Ayuda al Niño is sponsoring an International Gala event to showcase the 25 years of existence of Ayuda al Niño. “The Board of Directors of Ayuda al Niño has the great honor to invite you to our beautiful gala “Fashion 2012,” says the invitation which is being sent by Facebook, e-mails, personal contacts and other media to Ayuda’ s countless supporters. This Fashion show will open their doors at 6:00pm with a silent auction, where items such as art as well as beautiful gowns will be auctioned with the purpose of collect as much money as possible for this amazing cause. The fashion show will start at 8:00pm until 11:00pm when the club will open its doors to the public.

Oskar Rivera - Master of Ceremonies

Oskar River, Mr. Latino and well know actor and producer will be the Master of the Ceremonies.
Ayuda is an institution incorporated years ago as a non-profit Public Charity organization.  It has been helping children in many ways. During the last two years, for example, Ayuda has been participating in the distribution of 555 wheelchairs throughout the city of Santa Cruz and its provinces.  “With the help of the Rotary Club 4690 and the Wheelchair Foundation, Ayuda has been able to deliver a wheelchair where it is needed. In addition, Tery said that Ayuda has helped in the distribution of Glycol Nutrients to children who were very sick and needed vitamins to survive.  The health supplements allowed children to play and act like normal kids.

Models - Ayuda al Niño

She indicated that all this has been possible thanks to many people who have volunteered and companies who have donated their products which Ayuda distributed successfully throughout the country.  She emphasizes that additional help is needed with donations and volunteer work so they can continue doing their job in helping needy children.  Mrs. Jackson asked readers to open their Web Page: www.AYUDA.Org to see some of the projects that Ayuda has been involved with.

Ayuda al Niño

“We really need your help, so in December of 2012 we can go back to Bolivia and give children a little more. Each time we do it, we all feel better.  “We are so blessed in this country, and we have so much to offer.  Latin American children need you, and need your help,” she said.  “As little as $10 will help a lot. For more details on how to purchase your tickets online or just make a donation, please visit us at www.Ayuda.org”                     

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