Adrian Peterson - Minnesota Vikings Star Contributes For Disaster Response Group

Team Rubicon Bridging the Gap in Haiti. Photo Credit: Team Rubicon

It’s always a great feeling to give back. Adrian Peterson, the star running back for the Minnesota Vikings and current leader in the NFL for rushing yards proved this to be a valid point and what better time than now. The star running back opened his checkbook to donate $50,000 from his All Day Foundation to the disaster response veteran service organization, Team Rubicon. Adrian is one of the most valuable offensive players for the Minnesota Vikings since 2007. He joined the team after an rewarding career while playing for the well known college football powerhouse team from The University of Oklahoma. Since playing for the Vikings, Adrian has risen to prominence as the league’s leading rusher, earning numerous accolades and setting both NFL and Vikings franchise records in the process. Team Rubicon is an organization that empowers experienced military veterans to deploy rapid emergency response and relief teams to natural disaster sites and other crisis areas around the world.

Team Rubicon Bridging the Gap After Hurricane Sandy. Photo Credit: Team Rubicon

“Military veterans choose to serve even after they take off the uniform because they want to dedicate themselves to a cause larger than their own,” said Adrian Peterson, running back for Minnesota Vikings. “Supporting organizations like Team Rubicon before, during, and after times of disaster allows them to continue their important missions in communities worldwide.”

Team Rubicon Working on the Homefront after Hurricane Sandy. Photo Credit: Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon was created in 2010 and has already lead response and relief missions across both the nation and the globe, activating their veteran emergency response teams (VERTS) in countries such as Burma, Chile, Haiti, Pakistan and Sudan in addition to helping on the home front in times of crisis.  As a lead nonprofit partner for Got Your 6, the entertainment industry-backed campaign devoted to changing the conversation around military veterans in America, Team Rubicon has committed to engage veterans and military family members in 1.5 million hours of volunteer service under their Got Your 6 leadership pillar. Got Your 6 is a campaign designed to change the conversation in America such that veterans and military families are seen as civic assets and leaders who will reinvigorate our community. The campaign combines the reach and resources of the top American entertainment studios, networks, guilds and agencies with the expertise and commitment of more than two dozen non-profit organizations.

Team Rubicon Got Your 6 Logo. Photo Credit: Team Rubicon

Adrian’s generous support of the mission enables Team Rubicon to broaden and accelerate the response efforts in future crisis situations. For additional information on this issue and how you can get involved, please visit:


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