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A Wish For Animals Charity Event

By Donna Spangler

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On saturday December 8 2012,  I attended a lovely party for "A wish for Animals Charity"  It was held in Brentwood and hosted by the charity.  Upon arriving I was greeted by a group of eager ladies who showed me down to the event which was held both indoors and outdoors. There were lovely lights sparkling as well as a tasty buffet of pasta and side dishes along with grommet desserts.

Donna Spangler with puppy

 Several puppies made an appearance hoping to be adopted by the partygoers.

 Donations were made by several people and companies for the silent auction to help raise money.

 Jewelry was displayed as well as sports and comics memorabilia to bid on.  

A wish for animals was founded by Toni Eakes and is a non-profit organization.  The organization rescues animals that are in need or in danger and primarily rescue dogs and cats but are always willing to try and help whenever there is an animal in need. It also provide medical assistance funds, food, vaccinations and spay and neutering to low income families or families that can not afford large medical bills for their pets.

A Wish for Animals has been rescuing animals for the past 10 years and is solely staffed by volunteers with the majority working in full-time jobs. All funding is directed to the animals for spay/neutering and other veterinary costs, vaccines, microchipping, medications, transportation, boarding, training, food, and other expenses until they are able to place them in a forever home. Their adoption fees are not sufficient to meet these expenses, so additional fundraising activities also take place.

Its mission is to help save as many animals as possible from suffering, or death, and to find them wonderful homes to spend the rest of their lives. It’s so gratifying to see where these animals come from and where they end up in their new homes with so much love. They are so grateful to have what so many of us take for granted every day!

Their goal is to find the RIGHT home for the animals. Factors taken into account are the family’s lifestyle, if it matches the needs of the animal being aware of the cost of veterinarian care and the ability to provide instruction, house manners and obedience.

A Wish For Animals is staffed by loving and caring volunteers who give up countless hours of free time to provide for the needs of their animals and assist families to successfully bond with their newly adoptive companions. When contacting them, please allow a couple of days for a volunteer to return any calls for assistance or adoption.

A Wish for Animals is run 100% on donations and depends on them to continue in their mission. Thank you for helping them in their mission to save these wonderful lives!

For more information on the charity go to       http://www.awishforanimals.org/about-wish-for-animals/
Article covered by Donna Spangler for more information go to http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0816800/ or

Donna Spangler

Published on Dec 29, 2012

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