The Sirens Society -- Bringing Positivity and Making a Difference

The Sirens Society was born out of the need for an organization that could affect positive change.  A unified voice of proactive women and men who positively influence our world through business and philanthropy.   They light the way for this change to occur by volunteering their time and energy to benefit causes that are on the forefront of attention as well as those that are overlooked.

The female Sirens.

Don’t fret, they have plenty of fun too.  When you enter their event, you first notice the room is classy.  Ladies effortlessly dressed well, men trying to catch up.  The conversation is mixed between strong, curious and good ol’ fashioned fun.

Originated as a women-only organization, but men integrated in the early 2000s.  They’re known for their positive outreach, generous ways and sense of humor.

Sirens cheering on during an auction.

What’s that?  Your eyebrows raise as you read ‘sense of humor’.  Confused because it doesn’t sound like the cliched, boring, stiff group.  Well, this is a group that throws a prostate cancer event under the banner “Great Balls of Fire.”  So, yeah, they’re a saucy bunch.

Sirens Who?  Sirens How?

So who’s in The Sirens Society?  How do you get to have fun, meet like-minded great people and help others?  Well, it’s not necessarily easy, but it’s worth the effort.  Involvement is by referral only.  Then Traci Kopecky, the Member Director, meets with you and after a bit of due diligence -- you’re ‘in like Flynn.’

The Sirens meet for quarterly blenders.  They also participate when needed for other charity events.  But wait, they also host their own as well.  In short, they never stop.

More Sirens enjoying their event.

But what’s unique and really impressive is their “12 Acts of Kindness” program.  Each quarter every member submits twelve things they’ve done to help another person -- somewhere, somehow.  Big things, little things, just do nice things.   Their philosophy is to tout your good deeds in effort to encourage and inspire others to do good as well.  And it works.  As your consciousness is streaming positivity it creates a trickle up effect in others.  And just imagine the good it would do as the kindness spreads.  That’s admirable, and that is what the Sirens are all about.

The People Behind The Kindness

Meeting Sirens President Jodi Fung is positivity personified.  She’s very attractive (not just an entrepreneur, but also has acting and modeling credits), intelligent and straightforward.  Her lips curve into a smile that she shows often.  She’s fun, casual and helps build a very comfortable setting.

Sirens President Jodi Fung (R) with fellow members.

It’s a group where everyone depends on one another.   Their monthly newsletter is put together by Communications Executive Johnny Ortez who, regardless of his demands, is perpetual sunshine and the first person to extend his hand and a smile when you walk in.

Sirens Communications Executive Johnny Ortez

Sirens' PR Executive Steven Yamin is consistently one of Los Angeles’s most sought-after players.  But yet he’s also among the friendliest.
  Do you see a pattern emerging?  Simply put the Sirens are among the busiest and most influential people in the City of Angels, yet they put it all aside for a fun night with friends of helping others and doing good.

Celebrities have joined in as well, putting their energy and efforts forth to support causes they hold near and dear.  Lauren Holly, Anson Mount, Josh Cox and Russell Wong are just a few who have made a difference.

What’s Next?

The most recent Sirens program is Jeans for Teens, a national campaign, headlined by Chace Crawford, launched by Aéropostale and Do Something, empowering people to collect gently-worn jeans for homeless teens.  To learn more about it: click here.

Coming up...

The Sirens Society’s summer soiree on June 11, 2008 at the Falcon on Sunset.  To learn more about this event, browse their Facebook event

To learn more about the Sirens, their great causes, and consider joining, visit their public webpage here and their official Facebook page.

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