SIP INTO SUMMER a Great Idea NEEDS a Different Approach

At a time when the Hollywood  Cult of Celebrity  has been under attack (e.g.. Tom Cruise squirted in the face by a water gun or Leo DiCaprio knocked in the head by a bottle), the Performing Arts Studio West (PASW) held a wine-tasting  fund-raiser at Garden of Eden whose theme revolved around Hollywood stars' .and raising funds from those who cherish stars' memorabilia.   The event was attended by a near capacity crowd who seemed to enjoy the dreamy environment created by an outstanding jazz ensemble.


The PASW organization is a laudable one in its aim to provide acting, voice, music, dance, technical training and employment opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities who aspire to become stars.   Furthermore, PASW actively advocates the entertainment industry concerning the merits of hiring performers with disabilities


From every indication, however, those very same disabled students are already the TRUE stars of Hollywood, even before they sing a note, recite a line, or tap a foot.   There probably are very few Tinsel-Town luminaries who could even begin to travel the extremely difficult road experienced by handicapped individuals on a daily basis.    The frustrations encountered often make it difficult to get out of bed, let alone tackle the various complex tasks required to become accomplished performers.

And that salient reality suggests a possible new approach to the next SIP INTO SUMMER.   Because, although the event appeared to be a success in virtually every respect, the only seeming disappointment happened to be the lukewarm response to the celebrity memorabilia auction.   Despite the best, razzle-dazzle efforts of emcee Pat Prescott (radio personality of 94.7 FM' THE WAVE), the auction got off to a very slow start as the audience did NOT seem particularly interested in bidding for autographed items by various Hollywood stars.    No doubt that is simply because the real stars of the night were seated in wheelchairs and I for one would rather bid on a wineglass signed by a true hero than one signed by somebody who merely portrays one.


The evening was organized by the Creative Actors Alliance, a group of entertainment professionals who network actors, writers, directors, producers, etc. in order to facilitate mutual synergies.   The Alliance assisted PASW performers in obtaining some 250 roles within industry projects over the past two years.

Savory wines were provided by Classic Wines of California and a superabundance of delicious treats, courtesy of Hamburger Hamlet; Taste of the Goddess Cafe; Just Too Sweet Bakery; Breadworks;  and Swiss Dairy Company

PASW is seeking donations from the public in the form of funds and assorted items, including lighting and sound equipment;  audio/video recording equipment; musical instruments; sets, props and costumers; textbooks; and office equipment.

Click here for more on information on The Creative Actors Alliance

Click here for more on information on Performing Arts Studio West

Please contact:  John Paizis,  PASW director at:   [email protected] or
(310) 674-1346  EXT. 201                                                              

All photos by Bill Devlin

EDITORS NOTE- the only two items that seemed to attract any excitement was the  wineglass autographed by Clint Eastwood which sold for around $800 and a painting by the artist Michael Hall which sold for $1000.

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