Playboy Hosts Great American Fantasy Pre-VMA Party Review – Sexy Fun for a Good Cause

National Lampoon, the Great American Run and charity Children of the Night were the focus at this year’s Playboy mansion Pre-VMA Celebration.  The festivity was everything you’d expect, want and need from a Playboy event and, of course, much more.  Most men only dream of the experience that these lucky party-goers experienced all night long.

You arrive at Hef’s exquisite estate and the first thought is: expansive.  The property is sprawling and there’s people everywhere.  No sooner are you passing the red carpet as you get a taste for the evening.  Women in the sexiest outfits you have seen and men admiring them from a far – and some very close-up.

But that’s just it.  You’re in an adult playground designed to drip, bathe and glow in sex.  The women feel sexy, look sexy, exude sexiness.  And tonight they want to make sure you feel their sexiness too.  That’s Playboy.

Need a Drink

It’s a bit intimidating.  It’s the Playboy mansion for Chrissakes!  Legendary.  Iconic.  The home of every guilty pleasure that’s crossed your mind for as long as you can remember.  So, yeah, you get that beverage, then you give the place a spin and you drink it up.  A sip by the pool.  Sip at the grotto.

On an upper patio in the back a silent auction is being held.  Amazing memorabilia from sports ( Lakers, Celtics) to movies ( Rocky, Batman), music ( Elvis, Jimmy Buffet) and collectables ( Sinatra to George W. Bush).

Round Two

By now that opening beverage is gone.  We’ve taken half a bunny tour, fed the monkeys and snooped through the notorious game room.  All in good fun.  Grab a second cocktail and let’s head inside the event tent.

Inside the party

The legend

More beautiful women.  It’s a good night.  And indeed it is, as Hugh Hefner himself and his girlfriends “the girls next door” Holly, Bridget, and Kendra arrive.  Flashes pop from the crowd like a July 4th frenzy.  You’ve never seen anything like the reaction that Hef gets when he arrives. He handles it like a master:  patient, calm, good humor.

The Good Cause

Children of the Night's Dr. Lois Lee

Dr. Lois Lee takes stage.  She speaks of tonight’s charity, Children of the Night, which helps rescue children from the streets.  Lovely, yet modest; she shares her thoughts sincerely to the audience and graciously thanks Hugh, who is one of her long-time supporters. 

Children of the Night is dedicated to assisting children between the ages of 11 and 17 who are forced to work on the streets for food to eat and a place to sleep.  The organization makes a difference in the lives of hundreds of children each year.


Shortly thereafter, the crowd explodes as Grammy Award-winner Ludacris takes the stage.  He commands the audience and pulls the sexiest women on stage to dance with him.  He gets the house moving and doesn’t let go.  Song after song.  He ends it high and leaves the audience pumped up.

Ludacris pumps up the crowd

It’s a Los Angeles night that dreams are made of, set in a location created by dreams.  You don’t want it to be over.  Ever.  But alas, the curtains are closing.  So cozy up next to the most beautiful woman you can find and give the place one last look as you leave.  Then, do everything you can to return as soon as possible.

For more information on Children of the Night, visit:
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